Sadiq Khan savaged as Mayor hints at new lockdown for London with business funding appeal

Sadiq Khan says he supports Covid passports

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Sadiq Khan has been branded “a psychopath” and “the worst mayor” in London’s history by Twitter users after launching a desperate appeal for people to get their booster jab. London’s Mayor estimates that more than one business in three are at risk of financially collapsing if they are forced to shut by a new lockdown but still hinted that it is not unlikely that London and the UK will tighten their restrictions within weeks. Mr Khan however was savaged after social media users pointed out an inconsistency in his support for Covid passes despite backing Labour’s policy against ID cards.

Mr Khan said in August that local lockdowns were not the best way to suppress the spread of the virus.

But he now declared that the Government is willing to financially help the retail, hospitality and culture industries in a bid to help them navigate through these tough times.

By being open to offering “financial support” Mr Khan has, as some people noted, not ruled out that a new lockdown could lie in store as they feel that he is about to sow the seeds for another one.

User @newmandavecf said: “Is he implying another lockdown is coming by calling the Govt to provide grants to businesses?”

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Others wondered where the money is “coming from” given that the Government supposedly spent it on ineffective vaccines.

He hinted at the fact that a third booster jab is needed to fend off the Omicron disease.

User @cogley_dennis said: “Tell him, they can’t. They’ve spent all the money on the vaccines that don’t work”.

Mr Khan said: “What is important for us is to make sure we support businesses, enjoy Christmas but do it safely.

Sadiq Khan labelled a ‘weak mayor’ by Tony Devenish

“It’s so important as the Government introduced Covid passports, which I support, as the Government is ramping up booster jabs which I support.

“It’s quite clear, all the evidence is that the booster jab gives you the additional protection, over 75 percent additional protection against this Omicron variant.

“It’s really important for all of us to get the booster jab [and] I have had, my wife’s had it, my kids are booked to have it, my mum’s had it. Why? Because it’s the game-changer and potentially the lifesaver.

 “We’ve got to be patient but the queues are a good thing because it shows that the demand is up.


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“We’ve been working with sporting venues, night-time venues, pharmacies, GPs, and the NHS to make sure there are more and more places to have the booster jab.

“We also provide financial support to businesses that need it at this time of the year and we have seen a collapse in business for some of our Hospitality and over the last week, 40 percent drop.”

He added: “The Government needs to provide financial support these businesses, particularly the hospitality, business, and culture [sectors]

“Why? Because if we are not careful, these businesses are gonna go bust and people lose their jobs.”

Several people took to Twitter to hit out at Mr Khan, who was elected London Mayor in May 2016, as they laid bare his inconsistency.

User @jul1usGB said: “If you can’t afford to close then remain open!”

User @vickymc52353132 lashed out at London’ Mayor, saying: “Buggar off. Imagine asking the taxpayers to support businesses that won’t let them in. We have completely lost our collective s*** at this point

User @JimboJones said: “And just like everyone else that supports Covid passports, he failed to explain how they save lives. Idiot”

User @Timothy Bourne3 did not mince his words and said: “Here he goes again, Khan wants the taxpayer to bail him out because he supports the new covid passport.”

For User @Everybodychill1, London has currently worse problems to deal with such as making sure that knife crime disappears from the capital’s streets.

He asked: “How’s tackling knife crime going Sadsack?”




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