Sahayb Abu: ‘Jihadi rapper’ bought 18in sword as he allegedly plotted terror attack, court told

An alleged terrorist planning a sword attack during lockdown filmed himself in a combat hat and balaclava he had bought for the mission, rapping that he was a “bad man”, a court has heard.

Sahayb Abu, 27, sent a message in which he called Khalid Masood, the killer of PC Keith Palmer a “lion” and mocked the “infidel kuffar”, a reference to non-believers, his trial was told.

He met with an undercover officer called Rachid in Surrey Quays in East London to discuss getting a firearm smuggled into the country from North Africa, it was alleged.

The next day the drill rap fan from Dagenham, east London bought an 18in (47cm) gladiator-style sword, a combat vest, two balaclavas, fingerless gloves and a combat-style hat as he allegedly prepared his attack, the Old Bailey heard.

He allegedly talked of assassinating a rival imam and researched the US, Israeli, Indian, Russian and Saudi embassies in London.

Sahayb’s older brother, Muhamed Abu, 32, from South Norwood, London, is accused of failing to inform police of his brother’s plans after the pair were caught on CCTV looking at swords on an iPad at a takeaway in east London.

Three days later, Sahayb recorded a rap in which he said: “Allah arrest him my shank [knife] penetrate ya, got my suicide vest one click boom and I’ll see you later”, the trial heard.

A jury at the Old Bailey was told of a voice note sent by Sahayb to his brother on 28 June in which he rapped: “No matter the way the wind blows, I will always be down with my bros, I will always be ready to eliminate their foes, yah akhi [brother], I will always be ready to eliminate their foes.”

Sahayb recorded a rap about the London mayor Sadiq Khan and the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby, which he sent to his brother Muhamed on 6 July, the court heard.

The trial continues.

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