Sarah Ferguson returns to social media after Prince Andrew’s ‘odd move’

Prince Andrew: Myers discusses attempts to return to public life

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Over the weekend, a series of posts surfaced on the Duchess of York’s Instagram page which were written by Prince Andrew on his experience of fighting in the Falklands. He noted that he entered the conflict “full of bravado” and returned a “changed man”.

April 2 was the 40th anniversary of the conflict in the Falklands where the prince flew missions as a Sea King pilot and was shot at.

The posts were deemed controversial as he signed off the captions with “written by HRH The Duke of York”.

During the sexual assault civil case brought against him by Virginia Giuffre in the US, which has now been settled, the Duke was stripped of his military titles and patronages, including his HRH title.

His titles remain removed despite Prince Andrew vehemently denying Ms Giuffre’s claims, and the settlement of the case is not an admission of guilt.

The Instagram posts were initially edited to remove the “HRH” but quickly after, the entire series of posts were deleted.

Royal author Robert Jobson spoke to The Mirror to express his disbelief at Andrew’s actions on his former wife’s social media and called it an “odd move” to “bolster his own image”.

He said: “I remember well his bravery in that conflict 40 years ago.

“He showed death-defying courage in a war that claimed the lives of many brave young men.

“I remember his triumphant return too, the picture of the single rose in his mouth.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sarah Ferguson (@sarahferguson15)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sarah Ferguson (@sarahferguson15)

“Yes, for him they were better times for the then-dashing young prince and serviceman.”

Mr Jobson added: “Quite what he was trying to achieve by reminding everyone of them I don’t know.

“It was weird. It made the duke look more than a little desperate for public recognition.”

Ms Ferguson became active on Instagram once again on Tuesday to discuss her visit to Albania after she accepted an invite to take a trip to IsraAID.

IsraAID is an emergency relief organisation who have been tirelessly working on evacuation efforts in Afghanistan as the Taliban have taken hold.

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The post featured a series of images of Sarah with refugees from Afghanistan with one image of the Duchess with two young girls and a woman.

The women are holding a sign that reads: “To world! Afghan girls matter! They have rights to study!”

In the caption below the Duchess said: “I had the privilege of meeting these extraordinary people and listening to their stories.

“They included a top female judge, other women leaders in their respective fields, the all-girls national cycling team, doctors, long serving military, mothers, fathers, and children, some who had been separated from their parents.”

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