Scaffolder who dragged Just Stop Oil off road blasts ‘useless’ police

Man detained for lashing out at Just Stop Oil protesters

A tradesman who was handcuffed by police for barging a Just Stop Oil activist out of the road has said he doesn’t trust officers to protect the public when they appear unable to prevent “20 angry sign-holding vegans” blocking Britain’s roads. Louis Greaves told The Sun that the eco-mob had made him an hour late for work, so hopped out of his van to confront them.

The 21-year-old was videoed shoving two climate protesters out of the road on central London’s Blackfriars Bridge, after traffic almost ground to halt during the slow-march on Tuesday.

Despite being given new powers to move protesters onto the pavement from the road, police held the scaffolder on suspicion of breach of the peace.

He told the publication: “The officers were standing there having a leisurely chat and may as well have made the protesters a cup of tea while inviting them to block traffic.”

The man from Bromley also said that the authorities were heavy-handed in their handling of him and did not apologise, after they said he faced no further action.

Met assistant commissioner Matt Twist said: “We absolutely understand why those who are caught up in traffic delays will be frustrated.

“I would urge the public not to intervene or take matters into their own hands but to call the police, let us know where the incident is and we will get there quickly.”

This is not the first time it’s been suggested that the police act favourably towards eco-protesters at the expense of the public.

An undercover investigation by revealed that some eco-demonstrators believed the police were on their side.

An elderly Just Stop Oil and former Insulate Britain member, Ana, said of the authorities: “They’re so relieved, their little faces when they turn up, they’re so relieved it’s us.”

In a clip posted by Just Stop Oil on May 22, a Metropolitan Police officer can be heard telling a slow-marching activist: “I’m your servant”, after admitting that there are “bigger crimes going on in London right now”.

The climate group captioned the video, which has been viewed almost 70,000 times, with the words: “Today, His Majesty’s finest were seen having honest conversations with supporters of Just Stop Oil on their slow march for no new oil and gas.”

In Germany, video footage has emerged of police officers swiftly and safely removing climate protesters from the road before they can fully unveil their banners.

Traffic then proceeded to pass as normal, as one officer waved the vehicles through while several others restrained the protesters, believed to be from Letzte Generation – Last Generation in English. 

Former UKIP leader and British Army Captain, Henry Bolton OBE, took to Twitter to praise the German police for their rapid handling of the situation, simultaneously jibing British police forces for their treatment of climate protesters in the UK.

Sharing the video on Twitter the father-of-three and former police officer wrote: “German police dealing with just stop oil protesters – it’s not difficult.”

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