School mentor who sent ‘sexual’ texts to boy ‘will never apologise’

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A school mentor who sent “overtly sexual” messages to a 15-year-old boy will “never apologise”, according to her fiancé. The official’s exchange with the child was uncovered after the victim’s mother found messages on his phone.

Ellen Cadman-Smith sent a series of what reports have described as “overtly sexual” texts.

The 24-year-old mentor told the 15-year-old boy he “drove her insane” and that she was “thinking about him non-stop”, a court has heard.

The mother-of-one, quoted in the Mail, added: “I think I’m falling for you.”

In another text, she said: “I want you so badly”.

Around 3,000 messages were exchanged in total over the space of two months, Isle of Wight Crown Court heard earlier this month.

Cadman-Smith was only uncovered when the victim’s mother found messages on the young boys phone.

Her contact name was saved as ‘E’.

The boy’s mother alerted the police who managed to track the school mentor down.

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Cadman-Smith will be placed on the sex offenders register for five years.

Her fiancé has since suggested the woman will not apologise for her actions.

When reporters from the Sun asked whether Cadman-Smith would like to express remorse, she left before her fiancé declared: “There will never be an apology.”

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The 24-year-old suffers from “extreme anxiety” and was deemed “not mentally fit enough” to enter a plea or stand trial.

Instead, a jury was asked to determine whether or not the she had done “the act”.

It decided that she had and Judge Susan Evans KC imposed a five-year sexual harm prevention order, preventing her from using social media to contact children under the age of 16 – other than immediate family members – and she must make her devices available for inspection.

Judge Evans said: “It is clear that sexual activity did take place between them.

“She was in a position of responsibility… [It was] a breach of trust.

“She plainly knew it was wrong to do what she was doing. It was a huge error.”

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