School replaces mirrors with ‘make-up is a harmful drug’ posters

Furious parents slammed a school for replacing mirrors in a toilet block with posters saying make-up is a “harmful drug”. Three notices were temporarily put in place of mirrors in a girls’ lavatory.

One read: “If all girls started wearing no make-up and comfortable clothes, guys would have no choice but to fall for girls because of natural beauty.”

Another said: “Beauty is nothing without brains”. A third warned: “Dear girls, make-up is a harmful drug. Once you start using it, you’ll feel ugly without it.”

One parent said of the move at Christopher Whitehead Language College in Worcester: “Is the school really telling girls that putting lipstick on is as bad as injecting heroin or taking crack cocaine?

“Yes, girls need to be taught about inner beauty, but this approach is plain wrong.”

Another asked why the posters were only in the girls’ lavatory block.

They said: “Parents were not consulted about this change. It’s our job to teach these values to our children rather than have this propaganda shoved in their faces every time they go to the bathroom.

“And why are these posters only in the girls’ toilets and not in the boys’ toilets, too?”

Neil Morris, headteacher at the 1,500-pupil school, admitted the decision to put the anti-make-up posters in the lavatory rather than a classroom was a mistake.

He said the mirrors had been removed, along with the main door to the communal area, in a bid to cut bad behaviour and bullying.

He added: “The English department used this as an opportunity to provide some argumentative letter writing.

“They put some provocative posters up in the one toilet area in their corridor before the lesson. This has
produced some frenzied, powerful writing and debate.

“With hindsight, the posters should have been placed in their classroom area, not in one toilet.”

But some parents of pupils at the school – an academy for children aged 11 to 19 and is rated “good” by Ofsted – approved of the posters.

One said: “Corporate brainwashing of girls’ body shape starts much younger than Year 7, and anything that reduces that has to be applauded.”

Last month, Mr Morris spoke out about funding cuts, and the impact on pupils’ and teachers’ mental health.

British schools, he said, were “broken” and hungry pupils were resorting to stealing food and turning up to class without shoes or coats.

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