Scottish Mountain Rescue offer key advice after Kyle Sambrook’s death

Scottish Mountain Rescue (SMR) have issued advice on how to remain safe when hiking and climbing heights in the UK, in the wake of the tragic death of Yorkshireman Kyle Sambrook in Glencoe. Mr Sambrook was hillwalking with his dog Bane in the Lost Valley area of the Scottish Highlands, when they fell nearly 100ft.

Experts believe the 33-year-old from Wakefield fell in appalling weather conditions and was carrying his dog with one hand.

Mr Sambrook was a landscape gardener who was planning to wild camp with Bane on the 3,351 feet Buachaille Etive Mòr.

Following the discovery of the bodies of Mr Sambrook and his beagle, SMR has offered detailed advice to hillwalkers, hikers and climbers, to help them stay safe during their excursions.

“Spending time in our mountains and wild places across Scotland has become more important and more popular than ever, whether you are new to the hills or an experienced mountaineer”, the rescue service said.

“Help our volunteer teams, before you head to the hills, by ensuring that you are properly equipped and prepared for all conditions and remember to check the mountain weather forecasts and be aware of your limits.

Brian Bathurst, deputy team leader of Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team, said in the wake of Mr Sambrook’s fatal fall: “It was appalling weather, with strong winds at the time of his fall, and he may have been trying to get off the hill and lost his way a bit.”

He went on: “He also had a heavy rucksack and where he has fallen is very steep ground. It looks like carrying the dog, together with all the other factors, may have been a major cause of the accident.”

In poor weather, the SMR team has offered some additional advice: “At this time of year, we recommend carrying a torch with extra batteries, waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, a warm synthetic jacket, a hat, at least two pairs of gloves, and a map and compass. You should also carry a survival bag or a group shelter if you’re heading out with others.

Kyle Sambrook with his dog Bane

“The hills are still in full winter conditions and significant patches of snow and ice still cover the hills. Hillwalkers need to be prepared for winter conditions before setting out. Winter kit, including good grip boots, ice axe and crampons are a necessity.

“Leave a route map and let someone know where you’re going and what time you’re expected to get home. Don’t ever be afraid to turn back if the conditions get too difficult.”

SMR added: “Please remember that if you are lost, in need of assistance or in an emergency in the mountains, dial 999 ask for police then mountain rescue. Our volunteer teams will assist any hour, any day, any weather.”

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