‘Self-inflicted pain’ Regrets soar as Meghan and Harry got NOTHING they wanted from Megxit

Queen's Jubilee: Meghan and Harry got 'nothing' they wanted

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Meghan and Harry have achieved none of their goals after they quit the Royal Family in a “completely botched exit”. Tina Brown, the former editor of Tatler, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were starting to feel regrets about their departure. She told BBC’s Sophie Raworth that Harry will not have enjoyed his demotion at the service of thanksgiving at the St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday.

Ms Raworth said: “I was there at St Paul’s Cathedral when Harry and Meghan arrived and it felt very obvious, the reordering of roles.

“How will Harry have felt about that? Would he have felt humiliated or would he have expected it?”

Ms Brown responded: “He will feel very mixed about it.

“He was a proud, card-carrying senior royal for much of his life.”

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The author, who has written multiple books about the Royal Family, added: “His botched exit, and it was botched completely, has resulted in them getting nothing that they wanted.

“I feel they are trying to work their way back in through the corners and I don’t think it will ever be what it was.

“And that’s entirely self-inflicted.”

She remarked that the Platinum Jubilee celebrations have “gone brilliantly for the Royal Family because the Sussexes have behaved themselves”.

Meghan and Harry 'nervous over longevity in Hollywood'

Later in the interview, Ms Brown questioned the “longevity” of the couple in Hollywood as they find it increasingly difficult to handle multi-million-pound deals with Netflix and Spotify.

She said that the couple were “starting to get a little nervous” about the lack of hits they had delivered.

Royal expert Richard Kay said that Harry’s new reality would have “sunk in” when he ended up in the second-row at St Paul’s Cathedral.


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Harry also had to wait a “painful 19 minutes” for his brother to take his seat.

He said: “Nothing illustrated how the Sussexes’ exile in California has upended their old world than the manner – and timing – of their arrival at St Paul’s.

“As non-working royals, they are now very much in the second division.

“And although spared the indignity of sharing the coach that brought a clutch of minor royals who similarly do not do official duties, such as Princess Michael of Kent’s son Lord Frederick Windsor, they were only just behind them.

“It was a painful 19 minutes before William and Kate arrived to take their seats.”

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