Set For Life results LIVE: Have you won the Set for Life draw? Tonight’s winning numbers

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The National Lottery Set for Life Draw – while different to its usual jackpot payouts – still promises a hefty reward. People competing for the grand prize receive what is, in effect, a salary from the organisation. Entrants don’t have long left to buy a ticket ahead of the draw, which could set them up for decades.

What are the Set for Life results for June 9?

Set for Life draws boast an unusual jackpot that provides winners with £10,000 a month for 30 years.

The arrangement would give the winner £3,600,000 over the period combined.

Ticket sales have now closed, and results should come out within the hour.

While tonight’s jackpot differs from most of the National Lottery’s others, results should come out around the same time.

They usually come out roughly 45 minutes after the ticket sales close, which was 7.30pm tonight.

People can expect the winning numbers to come out from 8.15 or later. will have them as they come this evening, with a range of prizes up for grabs.

Set for Life draws ask people to pick a ticket with five numbers and one life ball.

The jackpot is reserved for one ticket holder who manages to match the numbers announced tonight.

Lottery organisers have included another selection of prizes for those not lucky enough to claim the top prize.

In total, there are eight prizes people can win tonight, each requiring select matching numbers.

Tonight’s prizes include:

Five matching numbers and a matching Life Ball: £10,000 every month for 30 years

Five matching numbers: £10,000 every month for one year

Four matching numbers and a matching Life Ball: £250

Four matching numbers: £50

Three matching numbers and a matching Life Ball: 30

Three matching numbers: £20

Two matching numbers and a matching Life Ball: £10

Two matching numbers: £5

A win for tonight’s draw would add to a bumper week for the National Lottery, which recently announced one lucky winner had claimed a top prize in a previous jackpot.

Camelot announced today that one person claimed a £3.8 million jackpot from May 28.

The win is the second of early June, as another person has won a mammoth £20 million prize.

The winner bought a winning ticket for the June 4 “Must Be Won” draw but has not yet claimed the jackpot.

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