Shamima Begum ‘faked sadness’ for TV cameras as she begged to come back to Britain

Begum made ‘poor attempt’ at conveying sadness says expert

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In one interview, Ms Begum told TV cameras that she was just a “19-year-old girl with a newborn baby; I don’t have any weapons, I don’t want to hurt anyone.” But Dr Cliff Lansley, a forensic emotional intelligence expert, argues that certain features in her behaviour cast doubt on whether her pleas were genuine.

He said: “she’s building an image that she’s harmless. But just before she starts with that little advertisement about herself, we get two contradictory body language signals.

“The first one is a mouth shrug. So, you’ll see from her face that her mouth is arched at this point.

“She’s pushed the chin boss vertically upwards to create an arch mouth. This is one of the combination features that we see when people have no confidence in what they’re saying.”

Dr Lansley continues to pick out other physical cues that suggest she is faking her true sentiments.

Shamima Begum analysed by body language expert

He said: “Second is the shoulders will raise slightly, and third we’ll get the mouth arching, sometimes with the brow raised.

“But if we look at the bottom of the screen, we can also see a little thumb peeping up.

“She’s doing the hand shrug also. We’ve got a combination, which is corroboration, of ‘no confidence in what I am about to tell you’.”

Ms Begum is a British-born woman, who left the UK aged 15 to join ISIS in Syria.

Ten days after arriving in Syria, she married Dutch-born Yago Riedijk, a Muslim convert and jihadi.

Her attempts to return to the UK after being found by a Times journalist in a refugee camp were blocked by the Government.

When interviewed by the journalist, Ms Begum downplayed the violence that she witnessed in the city of Raqqa, a former ISIS stronghold.

In the interview, Ms Begum denied doing anything violent herself while with ISIS.

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But Dawn Archer, Professor of Linguistics, claimed details in her speech contradict her on-camera denial.

Professor Archer said: “What we have to pay attention to first is that Shamima Begum does a lip press. Now, we often do that when we’re trying to make sure that we don’t say too much or don’t say the wrong thing.

“For me, this is a potential red flag.”

Filmed reading out the verdict of the then-Home Secretary Sajid Javid to revoke her British citizenship, Ms Begum called the decision “heart-breaking”.

Dr Lansley, who has a PhD in emotional intelligence, commented that this was faked sadness.

He argued: “The eyes are down, the lips are arched, but they’re not down in a reliable form, pulled by these muscles, depressor muscles that pull the corners down.

“She’s forming this pitiful face and it’s being posed, because we can see it’s being created by the chin boss being pushed upwards. When we see children do that, we call it a pout or a sulk.”

He added: “This was a very poor attempt from Begum to try and display sadness to attract sympathy to have her case reheard, appealed, to allow her to move into the UK.”

Meanwhile, Kerry Daynes, a forensic psychologist, said: “No, I don’t feel sympathy for her. But do I feel compassion for her.

“I have to think that she is somebody who has a child has been brought into a cult and systematically radicalised.”

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