Shamima Begum’s lawyer jokes ‘the boys are back’ as Taliban militants seize control

Sky's Stuart Ramsay sees Taliban procession in Kabul

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Tasnime Akunjee, who is mostly known for representing Ms Begum in her legal battles, posted a photo of the Taliban leadership inside the Afghan presidential palace on Twitter yesterday evening with a caption that read “the boys are back in town”. He then replied to his own tweet with a YouTube link to the song ‘Boys Are Back In Town’ by Thin Lizzy. Many people have now taken to social media to express their views.

One Twitter user wrote underneath Mr Akunjee’s post: “How are you allowed to live in the UK when you tweet this?”

Another added: “Hopefully MI5 have this pilgrim on a watchlist.”

A third said: “No women there huh? Thought you were all about women’s rights?”

Another user wrote: “So these animals are murdering people and taking the country back in time, how do you justify your tweet, what is to celebrate? Love to know your reasoning.”

A fifth person said: “I personally wouldn’t call them boys but could think of many other suitable names for them!”

Mr Akunjee is a criminal defence lawyer who specialises in terrorism law.

He was thrust into the spotlight when he began working with Ms Begum more than two years ago.

Mr Akunjee has also previously defended one of Lee Rigby’s killers, who acted to avenge the killing of Muslims by British armed forces.

And, it is not the first time that the solicitor has aired controversial views around terror and Islamic extremism.

When Ms Begum fled to join Islamic State as a 15-year-old girl, Mr Akunjee led a campaign for the Metropolitan Police to apologise to her family for failing to tell them that a school friend had travelled to Syria.

He claimed it “disabled the families from intervention in [their] children’s plans”.

But the lawyer had previously stated that Muslims should not co-operate with the Government’s Prevent counter-terror strategy, which he claimed was “straightforward, paid-for spying on the community”.

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The news comes after Taliban fighters have declared the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after tightening their grip on Kabul yesterday evening.

Videos showed militants in the presidential palace where they declared the new states as Boris Johnson rushed to evacuate British nationals from the city.

The Prime Minister initially said that the UK’s ambassador will remain to process visas for those trying to leave, while also admitting the US withdrawal had accelerated matters.

However, the ambassador was reportedly taken to a safe location and was lifted out of Kabul last night by the SAS, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Despite admitting that a new regime will be in place, the Prime Minister insisted the Taliban cannot be recognised as legitimate leaders of the state.

Amrullah Saleh, the Afghan vice-president, has also left, though his destination is unknown.

It follows a blitzkrieg advance across Afghanistan, which saw 20 provincial capitals fall to the Taliban in less than two weeks.

Both the US and UK have sent troops to Kabul to help evacuate their nationals as Kabul remains under threat.

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