Shocked Jeremy Vine caller on GP appointments ‘Booked a private one – and it was my own!’

Jeremy Vine caller's GP appeared at her private appointment

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A Jeremy Vine caller has left host Storm Huntley and guests shocked after revealing her own GP once appeared at her private appointment. The caller explained she had paid for a private consultation after struggling to get one on the NHS – only for her usual doctor to appear. 

Lea, from Surrey, told the Jeremy Vine programme: “I don’t really think it’s about missing appointments.

“It’s about a balance of GPs doing private work in NHS. My point was that I tried to get an appointment desperately and couldn’t so I thought okay, I’ll go to try and book a private appointment and get a video call.

“I did I managed to get a video call that same day and my GP popped up on the video.

“It was a bit of a shock. “

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Ms Huntley asked: “What did you say?”

Lea replied: “He was more surprised than I was and he was like, ‘What are you doing?’

“And I said, ‘I couldn’t get an appointment with you.’

“So he refunded my money and made me an appointment that day.”

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The Jeremy Vine panel reacted with shock at Lea’s story.

“That is quite a shocker Lea you have left our jaws on the floor,” said Ms Huntley. 

It comes as a Tory former health secretary has warned Boris Johnson’s Government is “actively choosing” to sweep NHS workforce problems under the carpet, 

Jeremy Hunt made the claim before Conservative backbenchers staged two mini rebellions in a bid to retain changes made by the House of Lords to the Health and Care Bill.

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Peers had backed calls to improve workforce planning in health and social care in England by requiring ministers to publish regular independent assessments of current and future personnel needs, aimed at tackling shortages.

MPs overturned this amendment by 278 votes to 182, majority 96, although the division list showed 11 Conservative MPs, including Mr Hunt and former health minister Steve Brine, rebelled in an effort to keep the proposal.

 The Commons also voted 282 to 183, majority 99, to reject calls by peers for a rethink on the Government’s planned £86,000 cap on care costs.

The division list again showed a total of 11 Tory MPs rebelled, including former health minister Dr Dan Poulter.

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