Shoppers rush to buy heated mattress topper that costs nothing to run

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Shoppers looking to lower their heating bills have praised a £20 mattress topper from Tesco, that costs absolutely nothing to run, and heats up by itself. 

Tesco is now stocking Silent Night Heat Genie Mattress Toppers, which are self-heating. That means you get all the benefits of an electric blanket without having to use any electricity.

The Money Saver by Dansway page shared the deal, where it quickly caught the attention of shoppers reports the Manchester Evening News. The post read: “SELF-HEATING Mattress Topper at Tesco. These Silent Night Heat Genie Mattress Toppers come in single, double and king size with prices starting from ONLY £20 with your Clubcard in-store and online at Tesco.”

The self-heating mattress toppers have a heat-reflecting foil and thermal lining, so you don’t need any electricity to get warm. They’re quilted with super soft fabric and are deeply filled, and add 7.5 togs of extra warmth to your bed.

Responding to the post, Peter Christine Wakerley exclaimed: “Best thing I ever bought – lovely and warm.” Jess Lawrence said: “This would be amazing for me.”

Single mattress toppers cost £25 each, or £20 if you have a Tesco Clubcard. Double mattress toppers cost £32 each, or £25 if you have a Tesco Clubcard.

The mattresses are also available to buy on the Marks and Spencer website, where they’ve been given five-star reviews. Shoppers called them ‘comfortable’, and one person said it gave them the ‘best night’s sleep’ when they used it.

One five-stare reviewer wrote: “This mattress topper exceeded my expectations in how much warmer I was in bed, the bed almost seems to warm up immediately you get in.” Another five-star reviewer wrote: “It does what it says on the tin! Sorry, I mean, the description is accurate. I was contemplating getting a fleece duvet set, hemmed and hawed until I spotted this on the website! Save yourself the cost of an electric blanket. This is a must buy. Keeps you absolutely cosy and not too warm, just right!”

Somebody else raved: “This is so comfy and have to say best nights sleep since using it.”

You can buy the Silentnight self-heating mattress toppers at Tesco stores now. It’s worth signing up for a Clubcard if you don’t already have one, as you will see a considerable discount.

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