Single mother reveals ‘aggressive’ mould taking over home

Basildon mother shows black mould in council home

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The 22-year-old single mother from Basildon, Essex revealed her son is throwing up from coughing due to mould in their bathroom. Ms Tyler, who has been housed by Redbridge Council, told LBC: “I moved in here August 2020 and about January 2021 is when it started. It’s spread the whole ceiling. My son has been prescribed an inhaler because his breathing is really bad.

“He’s constantly coughing, as am I.

“It has been treated before and I’ve done it myself but it made me so ill being so exposed to it, I couldn’t do it again.

“They keep saying they’re going to come and paint over it which would literally do nothing and it’s so aggressive and really unhealthy.”

She added that the situation for left her with “extremem anxiety”.

“It’s toxic, this home is slowly killing us.

“I just want to get out, I’d rather live on the street than spend any more time here.”

Acorn officer, Louisa Olympios, also told LBC: “This is a widespread problem. This isn’t the first flat where we’ve seen something this bad.

“We see it everywhere; council housing, private rented and emergency accommodation like this.

Mould and mildew removal technique tested by Express Online

“£340million is currently being spent by the NHS because of squalid homes and that’s people having to seek medical help because of respitory issues and it’s because we’re letting housing become poisonous to the people who are in them and that’s just not on.”

In a statement a Redbridge Council spokesperson said: “The condition of Ms Tyler and her son’s home is unacceptable and we apologise for the delay and distress this has caused.

“The property is managed by an independent letting agent who has repeatedly failed to meet their contractual obligations and carry out work, despite being contacted by the council on 9 separate occasions regarding this situation.


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“The council is currently exploring legal avenues to hold the agent to account, we will take actions on these failings and payment to the agent will cease with immediate effect.”

“The council has been in contact with Ms Tyler and is arranging for her home to be cleaned and a dehumidifier provided ahead of remedial work being conducted by the agent this week. Further steps will be taken should the work not be completed as expected and the council will remain in touch with Ms Tyler until the issue is rectified.

“We are currently carrying out a review of all properties to ensure work is being completed as it should. We must stress that our tenants’ safety and welfare is our number one priority, and we work hard to remedy issues when they emerge. On this occasion the time taken is inexcusable.”

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