SNP lashes out at George Galloway over plot to oust Nicola Sturgeon in Scottish elections

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The Scottish National Party mocked Mr Galloway after he revealed his plans to work with Scottish Conservative Party to push Ms Sturgeon’s movement out of power at next year’s Holyrood election. The former Labour and Respect MP launched an attack on the SNP saying they had been a “disaster” for Scotland and argued the nation is “locked into this endless, tedious and increasingly fractious politics of nationalism”.

But the SNP hit back saying Mr Galloway had “sold out on his principles some time ago now”.

Mr Galloway has launched the Alliance for Unity party, which aims to keep Scotland in the UK and crush the SNP.

He said: “We’ve got only one goal – to get the SNP out.

“If we don’t get off this hamster wheel, this neverendum, we’ll never have normal politics in Scotland. Everything will be down to grudge and division.”

He said his party would “work with everybody to get the SNP out of power because they have been a disaster for Scotland for 13 long years of misrule”.

Dundee-born Mr Galloway told the Sunday Mail: “More importantly than that, their only purpose is to break up the country – and my belief is the majority of people don’t want that.

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“But we’re locked into this endless, tedious and increasingly fractious politics of nationalism and grudge.

“Whoever wins next year’s election should form a national coalition government whose first purpose is to repair relations between Scotland and the rest of Britain.”

A Tory spokesman said they were “happy to welcome anyone who’s passionate about keeping Scotland in the UK – even George Galloway”.

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But an SNP spokesman lashed out saying Mr Galloway would “remain in the political wilderness where he belongs”.

He said: “George sold out on his principles some time ago now. So it’ll come as no shock to voters he’s eager to jump back into bed with the Tories.

“Successive opinion polls have found that a majority of Scottish voters support independence.

“Until George wakes up to this fact, he’ll remain in the political wilderness where he belongs.”

Scotland held a referendum on independence in the summer of 2014 which resulted in the loss of Ms Sturgeon’s Yes campaign by ten percentage points.

But a new Panelbase survey of 1, 026 adult Scots carried out between June 30 and July 3 found 54 percent of respondents are now in favour of breaking up the union.

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