SNP shamed over botched vaccine app after Sturgeon ‘only imposed policy to spite England’

SNP ‘look at Westminster and disagree with it’ says Paul Sinclair

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Nicola Sturgeon only imposed vaccine passports in Scotland to spite England, according to a former Scottish special adviser. Paul Sinclair told GB News that the SNP “don’t think of policies,” instead they “just look at what Westminster does and do the opposite”. The former Labour special adviser to Gordon Brown ridiculed the botched roll-out of vaccine passports after users were hit with technical issues.

Many have complained that the vaccine passport app – NHS Scotland Covid Status – was unusable.

The Scottish Government has apologised for the technical glitches, saying the issues were caused by a high volume of users trying to access the app at the same time.

Mr Sinclair responded: “Why did they go for this policy? Very, very simple. When Westminster was for vaccine passports, the Scottish Government was against it.

“Now that Westminster government will not bring them in, the Scottish Government will.”

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He added: “Even though they will be ineffective and they can’t get their IT working.”

GB News host Tom Harwood joked: “So, if Boris introduces vaccine passports in England this winter, might Sturgeon remove hers?”

Mr Sinclair said: “She might well do so!

“Her deputy John Swinney gave a passionate speech against vaccine passports just a few months ago and has now completely utterly U-turned.

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“This is a Scottish Government that even complained when Westminster wanted to give the NHS in Scotland an extra £300m because they were doing it directly, and not through them.

“It must be easy to be a nationalist, you don’t have to think of policies for Scotland.

“You just look at what Westminster does and do the opposite’


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Scottish Tory leader Douglass Ross has called for the scheme to be delayed to avoid what he said could be a “weekend of chaos”.

The certification is set to be used for access to large events and nightclubs.

Meanwhile, scores of businesses in the hospitality sector vowed to ignore rules requiring them to check people’s status, calling the situation “farcical”.

Humza Yousaf, the Scottish health secretary, claimed that nobody should be denied entry this weekend if they fail to show proof of vaccination.

He admitted the widespread technical problems may take “days” to fix.

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