Sophie and Edward urged to take precautions not to ‘look anachronistic’ during royal tour

Jamaicans 'do not hate' royal family says Krystle Daley

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Last month, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited three Caribbean nations to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. However, the tour was met with protests, demands for reparations for slavery and Jamaica ramped up plans to become a republic. Experts told the Sunday Times how Sophie and Edward can avoid their Caribbean tour turning into a PR disaster. Alexandra Shulman, former editor of British Vogue, said that the couple should “dress down” during their trip and avoid wearing military uniforms and Savile Row suits.

She said: “Not because it might remind some of a colonial past.

“But because it looks anachronistic for anyone other than the Queen and Prince Charles, who grew up in an era of white gloves, pomp and military bands.”

On William and Kate’s tour, they visited Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

However, the Wessexes will visit Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines on their tour, which begins on Friday.

Sir Trevor Phillips, an author and commentator, whose family comes from Guyana said that the islands that the Wessexes are visiting “are more traditional than larger nations like Jamaica”.

Sir Trevor also said that Sophie and Edward should come to the islands bearing gifts that symbolise the affection between the UK and the islands.

He said that for Antigua the couple could bring “something from Somerset” as a reminder that Sir Viv Richards, the acclaimed West Indies captain, who was born on the island, played for the county.

Paul Charles, who advises governments and travel brands said that since small islands rely on tourism the Wessexes should do all they can to promote the islands they visit as holiday destinations.

He said that instead of using the government’s new “Brexit jet” as William and Kate did, the Wessexes should “should arrive on BA and leave on Virgin Atlantic and use local airlines to travel between islands”.

He added: “They should stay in local hotels, eat roti in local restaurants, and talk warmly about them.”

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