Sophie Wessex ‘keeps cool’ as ‘frenzied bird’ swoops at royal and sends sunglasses flying

Countess of Wessex almost has sunglasses knocked off by a bird

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The Earl and Countess of Wessex visited St Vincent and The Grenadines’ botanical gardens as part of their tour of the Caribbean. There, Sophie and Prince Edward could take a look at the island’s national bird – the Amazona guildingii.

And Sophie even had a close encounter with one friendly exemplar, who flew so close to her head it almost knocked off the sunglasses she was wearing in lieu of a hairband.

The Countess was quick to catch her sunglasses and shared a hearty laugh with her hosts and husband after realising what had happened.

Royal fans on Twitter praised the mother-of-two for her “classy” reaction to the funny incident.

One, Annie, wrote on the social media platform: “The Countess is just gorgeous.

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“Always classy and professional even when faced with a frenzied bird.”

Twitter user mrc said: “Love The Countess of Wessex, always such grace. Such a beautiful bird”.

Missssilulu wrote: “Love it, how cute!!! #Royaltour”

Anne-Marie Reynolds tweeted: “Kept her cool and had a giggle”.

Similarly, Evans Einstein wrote: “She is so gracious. The way she acted was so regal.

“I would have screamed and started chanting in prayers.”

Sophie and Prince Edward are currently undertaking a tour to three Caribbean islands part of the Commonwealth.

The trip started on Friday, when the pair arrived in Saint Lucia and were welcomed by the island’s Prime Minister – Philip Pierre.

The Queen’s youngest son and his wife presented the politician with a photograph of themselves and a Jubilee box as a “token of appreciation”.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister gave the pair a long black tube containing the painting of one of the island’s turtles.

Prior to discovering what was inside the tube, Prince Edward quipped: “It’s not a fishing rod.”

On St Vincent And The Grenadines, which they reached on Saturday, Sophie and Edward met upon arrival scouts and girl guides as well as the nation’s Governor-General, Dame Susan Dougan, and the acting Prime Minister, Montgomery Daniel.

They then split to carry out engagements and visits on issues close to their heart.

Sophie visited a community college and met two groups, Persons With Disabilities and the Society of and for the Blind, in her role as a global ambassador for the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

Edward met Commonwealth Games athletes ahead of the Games to be held in Birmingham this summer.

Despite the warmth they are experiencing throughout the tour, the Wessexes’ tour is also being marred by demands for slavery reparations and protests.

As Sophie and Edward travelled to St Vincent And The Grenadines’ Government House, some activists lined up and displayed banners reading “down with neo-colonialism” and “compensation now”.

The Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Support Commission issued a blistering open letter in which they urged the royal couple to avoid “phoney sanctimony” over slavery, in a thinly-veiled criticism of statements previously made on the issue by Prince Charles and Prince William.

The letter read: We hear the phoney sanctimony of those who came before you that these crimes are a ‘stain on your history’

“For us, they are the source of the genocide and of continuing deep international injury, injustice and racism.

“We hope you will respect us by not repeating the mantra. We are not simpletons.”

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