Sophie Wessex leaves Edward in stitches in hilarious snap ‘Should be their Christmas card’

Countess of Wessex almost has sunglasses knocked off by a bird

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Sophie was photographed sounding a horn to signal the beginning of a sailing competition in Saint Paul, Antigua and Barbuda. While the Countess flashed a beautiful smile when sounding the blue horn, Prince Edward was spotted behind her protecting himself from the acute noise by plugging his ears with his fingers.

The Earl appeared to be laughing heartily as he held on to his hat and looked at his wife.

The picture quickly became a fan favourite on Twitter, with one social media user suggesting it should be used by the Wessexes as this year’s Christmas card.

Twitter user Ave wrote on the social media platform: “This should be their Christmas card!”

To which another social media user, Sarahsecret, replied: “Good idea!”

Other royal fans also commented on the picture and praised the Countess for her role within the Firm.

Carol-Ann McKnight said: “Sophie is amazing, respectful, professional, fully committed and dedicated to the Queen and always carries out her royal duties in respect of the Queen so professionally and respectfully but always with a smile of truly inner happiness and fun on her face, while still respectful.”

Another, with the name Mrs Edith McKelvey on Twitter, wrote: “What an understated lady. Never tries to outdo anyone.

“Always knowing her place within the family. Stepping up when needing to.

“Her warm empathetic smile and embrace show humanity without language barriers.

“Thank you for representing our Monarch, Queen and Country.”

And a fifth Twitter user, lizietucker, speaking about the couple, said: “I think they are great! They make me proud”.

The Countess and the Earl of Wessex were taking part in a visit to the National Sailing Academy, where they heard about the Sail-Ability programme offering people with disability the opportunity to get involved in activities on the water.

At the Academy, Sophie and Edward also met Aleccai Brown, an adorable eight-year-old who gave the Countess a handwritten note.

The child was also photographed being hugged by Sophie and speaking to the royal while resting on her leg.

Sophie and Edward are on the last leg of their tour, which took them to Saint Lucia, St Vincent And The Grenadines and Antigua And Barbuda.

The week-long tour, ending tomorrow, has been marred with protests and calls for slavery reparations.

Moreover, during their meeting with Gaston Browne – the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda – the Wessexes were put on notice the nation will one day wish to cut their ties with the Crown and become a republic.

During his remarks, Mr Browne also urged Sophie and Edward to use their “diplomatic influence” to achieve “reparatory justice” for his country.

Prince Edward came under fire as he glossed over the politician’s points made regarding slavery reparations and republicanism and, upon responding to Mr Browne’s remarks, joked saying he had not been taking notes so he would not be able to reply to every single point that had been made.

Throughout the tour, Sophie and Edward have visited initiatives and associations fitting in with their royal work, including the fight against preventable blindness and the Commonwealth Games.

Together, they also attended a Duke of Edinburgh Awards ceremony in Saint Lucia.

But they were also given the chance to see the natural beauties of the nations they are visiting.

Last Saturday, Sophie and Edward were introduced to the Amazona guildingii, St Vincent and The Grenadines’ national bird, while visiting the local botanical gardens.

Both the royals had the chance to feed the birds straight from their hands.

But the Countess also had a closer encounter, with one friendly exemplar flying so close to her hair it knocked off the sunglasses she was wearing on her head.

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