Split loyalties: Her dad's from Kerry, but Claudine Keane is a Dubs fan

Her dad might be a Kerryman but Claudine Keane says she will be cheering on the Dubs in their Drive for Five this weekend.

Growing up, Claudine tried to remain neutral when it came to the two GAA giants, with dad Denis Palmer hailing from the Kingdom.

However, once her brother Ronan Palmer started excelling in the game with the Dublin minors, her allegiance quickly turned to the Blues. And there is plenty of rivalry in the run-up to the All-Ireland final, as Kerry hope to put the brakes on Dublin’s five-in-a-row hopes.

“There is a bit of rivalry in my house and my dad is a guard from Kerry.

“We entertain him around the house but secretly we are all into Dublin, especially with Ronan my brother,” she said.

“I was impartial when I was younger but then my brother started to play Gaelic and he was on Dublin minors, and in and out of the Dublin squad so he was like, ‘Dad it is game over, I am into Dublin now’.”

She said people tend to give her father a wide berth when the sides clash. “He is so passionate – people know, they just move away. They put the eyes up to heaven and don’t take offence any more,” she said.

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