Spy cameras help inventor’s daughter win £2.5million inheritance

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An inventor’s daughter has won a £2.5million inheritance fight after spy cameras caught her cousin persuading her dementia-stricken mother to leave him a slice of her fortune. Candice Harrison, whose father Arthur designed part of the Harrier jet, sued builder Jonathan Greenwood after he inherited £400,000 in Julie Harrison’s last will of 2017.

She claimed he “turned her mother against her” as Mrs Harrison became more frail, and persuaded her to change an earlier will in his favour.

High Court judge Deputy Master Katherine McQuail ruled against Mr Greenwood, 61, accepting he carried out a “campaign of undue influence”.

The judge said cameras recorded Mr Greenwood as he played on Mrs Harrison’s “false” fears about being put into a care home by Candice, 63.

She added: “Mr Greenwood used and amplified Julie’s concern about her ability to stay in her home to try to persuade her to leave him money.

“The deceased harboured false beliefs that her daughter was taking her money without her authority and planned to sell her home and place her in a low-grade care home.

The judge nullified the 2017 will and reinstated a 2012 one which gives Candice almost all the estate.

She also ordered Mr Greenwood to pick up the £120,000 lawyers’ bill.

Candice had said outside court the case “ripped the heart out of her”. She added that the dispute had “ruined me financially and destroyed some emotional part of me”.

Her father, who helped make the parachute component for the jump jet’s ejector seat, died in 2010, passing his wealth to his widow.

She died at 89 in 2020, leaving an estate worth more than £2.5million.

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