Stabbed paramedics reveal shock after man attacked them on call

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Deena Evans was stabbed in the chest and Michael Hipgrave across his back after they were called to a maisonette to check on a man’s welfare on July 6. Michael was discharged the same day but Deena spent another two days in hospital.

Speaking for the first time since the incident in Wolverhampton, the West Midlands Ambulance pair said their families and children had also suffered, as well as their colleagues who treated them.

Clinical team mentor Deena, who also had nerve damage to her left arm in the attack, said: “You close your eyes at night and relive the whole situation.

“You can’t get it out your head and it is getting over that stage, being able to put it to bed. At the minute, I don’t think I’m there.”

Senior paramedic Michael said although he was physically better, his emotional state was “changing hourly, daily”. He said: “It’s still quite a shock. I’m having good hours and bad hours at the moment.

“We’re getting a lot of support from colleagues and friends and family and general members of the public we’ve never even met before, sending us lots of good wishes.”

Deena added: “There’s not enough thank yous in the world to thank everybody.”

Recalling the attack’s effect on her paramedic colleagues, she said: “What was going through my mind was, ‘How are they feeling?’

“It has been really upsetting. They’re our friends and colleagues and it’s been difficult for us all.”

Michael said: “We had quite an emotional meeting with the staff involved – lots of tears and talking and questions. They’re victims too in a way because you never expect to go out to a colleague, especially in a situation like the one that occurred.”

The pair are determined to get back on the streets doing the work they love. Michael said: “The ambulance service is my life, it’s not a job to me.”

Deena added: “I want to be back out there helping people.”

A man of 52 has appeared before Wolverhampton Magistrates charged with two counts of wounding.

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