Stalking victim’s details sent to her tormentor in MoJ clerical error

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A woman’s psychological report was sent to a man convicted of stalking her in a clerical error. Rhianon Bragg, 50, found out this month that intimate details from the document were sent to Gareth Wyn Jones in February.

Jones is serving a four-and-a-half-year sentence for stalking Ms Bragg as well as violent offence, which include holding her hostage for eight hours at gunpoint.

Ms Bragg told The Guardian: “It’s an absolutely horrendous situation.

“They shared with him my mental health assessment, my diagnosis. They have shared intimate information about me and the children.”

The mother of four now fears the contents of the letter could provide Jones with the “ammunition” to come after her again when he is eventually released from jail.

He is due to have his case heard by the Parole Board next year.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “The Government has made significant changes in recent years to better protect stalking victims so we are deeply sorry for this unacceptable mistake and the distress it has caused Ms Bragg.

“We take this type of error extremely seriously and an investigation is underway to understand what happened.”

Ms Bragg was in a relationship with Jones for five years, but when the relationship ended in 2019, he resorted to stalking.


The parole hearing was scheduled for this month, but the mishap prompted a delay.

Average custodial sentence lengths for stalking offences rose from just under five months in 2012 to almost 14 months in 2019, according to Government figures.

In 2017, the maximum sentence was doubled from five to 10 years’ custody for the more serious offence of stalking involving fear of violence or serious alarm or distress.

The maximum penalty for a basic stalking offence under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 is six months’ custody.

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The parole hearing will reportedly be held in private for the sake of Jones’s mental health, despite Ms Bragg campaigning for it to be heard in public.

She said: “His privacy is flagged up as an essential human right and adhered to utterly. Yet there has been a complete failure to have the same level for my rights.

“It makes my human rights, not for the first time, seem inconsequential to the criminal justice system.”

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