Steel barriers put up around hotel ahead of asylum seekers protest

Steel barriers have been placed around hotels housing asylum seekers ahead of protests this weekend.

The extra security measures, put in place by Serco, are pictured around County Hotel in Skegness, Lincolnshire, and others in the same seaside town.

A similar protest turned violent outside a hotel in Liverpool two weeks ago.

But the new demonstration called “Enough is Enough” is planned to take place on Saturday, reports Lincolnshire Live. It aims to show public dissatisfaction at asylum seekers being housed in the coastal town’s hotels.

Patriotic Alternative, the nationalist group organising the protest, has invited people to meet outside Skegness Town Council in Tower Gardens at 12pm. Lincolnshire Police are on standby to minimise disruption if criminal activity escalates.

Councillors, businesspeople and residents have expressed concern that the use of hotels could damage the town’s tourist-based economy over the summer. Serco, who helps to house asylum seekers on behalf of the government, has erected metal fencing as a precaution ahead of Saturday’s demonstration.

Local councillor, Danny Brookes, says that he is aware of fencing outside two Skegness hotels which are both known to house asylum seekers. Lincolnshire Live understands that the County Hotel and The Grand Hotel have this fencing outside the buildings. The Sun Hotel, Chatsworth Hotel and The Leisure Hotel are the other three premises currently being used to accommodate asylum seekers.

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Lincolnshire Police superintendent, Pat Coates, told BBC Radio Lincolnshire: “Serco, who are the organisation that house asylum seekers, have taken some extra measures around the security of the hotels after what happened in Liverpool. Clearly that’s a matter for themselves. It’s not necessarily on the advice of police that they’ve done that.”

Councillor Danny Brookes said: “I’m assuming that they’ve put them up because of the march on Saturday. I would like to think they’re not needed but they’ve obviously prepared after what happened in Liverpool.

“I’m hoping that Skegness is not like that. I know that there’s a lot of people coming into this demonstration but I wouldn’t have thought the residents of Skegness would be like that.

“Nobody is against peaceful protest and if it’s peaceful I won’t have any problem with it. I don’t think it’s the asylum seekers’ fault they’re in this position, I think it’s the incompetence of the government.”

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