‘Stop Covid theatre!’ Lord Frost lays into Johnson’s Covid policy -‘That’s why I resigned

GB News: Guest discusses Lord Frost and his resignation

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Frost, who had recently resigned from the Government’s core team after raising concerns over the country’s “direction of travel” said that the lockdowns were a “serious public policy mistake.” Speaking on The Telegraph’s Planet Normal Podcast, the former Brexit secretary said lockdowns should be ruled out in the future.

He said: “I would like to see the Government ruling out lockdowns for the future; repealing the legislation; ending them.

“We can’t afford it [and] it doesn’t work. Stop doing Covid theatre – vaccine passports, masks, stuff that doesn’t work – and focus on stuff that does work so that we’re ready if the next one is worse.

“Stuff like ventilation, antivirals, proper hospital capacity, managing it properly – that’s what we need to be focusing on going forward.”

Talking about his exit from the Government, the 56-year-old British diplomat said that the Government’s COVID-19 policy was one of the main reasons for him to leave the Cabinet.

He said: “That was the reason I resigned. That’s what took me out of the Government in December.

“I didn’t agree with the Plan B measures, masks, vaccine passports – that’s what forced me out.”

The latest data shows 129,587 more Covid cases were reported in the latest 24-hour period.

Under Plan B, people are told to wear face masks in indoor public spaces and on public transport.

People should work from home where possible, and Covid passes are in place for nightclubs and other large venues.

The Prime Minister had also announced a relaxation to travel rules, with pre-departure lateral flow tests being scrapped, and day two PCR tests replaced with lateral flows for fully-vaccinated people.

Asymptomatic people who test positive on a lateral flow will also no longer need to order a confirmatory PCR, meaning isolation time can be cut as they will no longer have to restart isolation after receiving the positive result.

He further argued that when the pandemic is viewed in hindsight, the UK has “come out relatively positively” but that lockdowns will be revealed to be an error.

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He said: “I think, honestly, people are going to look back at the last couple of years globally and see lockdown as a pretty serious public policy mistake”.

Lord Frost is not the only one to point out the loopholes in the Government’s COVID-19 policies.

Several Conservative backbenchers have argued that ministers have not considered a broad enough range of expert advice on key issues such as masks and vaccines.

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