‘Stop wasting my time! Andrew Neil shuts down Twitter user in brutal put-down

Andrew Neil and Nicola Thorp clash on Snow White kiss

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Commenting on the latest Westminster voting intention poll by YouGov, Mr Neil claimed the backlash from Dominic Cummings’ select committee had failed to impact the Tories’ popularity. He shared YouGov’s tracker, which showed the Tory lead over Labour had increased by three points to 16. Mr Neil said: “So much for Westminster and establishment media obsession with the Dom Bomb.”

However, one user claimed the YouGov poll had been skewed and accused the former BBC man of missing the “subtext”.

He said: “Hold on Andrew, who owns YouGov and who founded it.

“Not like you to miss the subtext!”

In response, however, Mr Neil put down the social media user and asked him to provide proof of his claim.

He said: “If you have any evidence that You Gov skews its polls to favour the Tories then let’s have it.

“Otherwise stop wasting my time.”

Although Mr Cummings made a series of bombshell allegations, the Tory party has maintained its lead over Labour which it has maintained since February.

While the former adviser also made a series of allegations concerning Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Mr Johnson has refused to sack the Secretary of State.

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Not only did Mr Cummings claim the Health Secretary had lied, but he revealed he told the Prime Minister to sack him on multiple occasions.

Mr Hancock will appear before the Health and Science joint committee later this week as part of the inquiry into the pandemic.

In response to Mr Cummings’ comments, the Health Secretary said the allegations were untrue.

Mr Hancock also claimed he had been honest and transparent throughout his time in the role.


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He told the BBC: “Yes, of course I have – internally, in private and in public.

“The allegations you refer to are completely wrong.

“The situation with respect to care homes is that we brought in the policy of wanting to test everybody who went into a care home as soon as we had those tests available.

“But at the time we didn’t have the testing capacity, and I built that testing capacity, put in place the 100,000 daily tests target.

“And we got the tests, and then we could implement the policy.

“Throughout, some were tested where there were tests available.

“But there were not enough tests available to test everybody, and the clinical advice at the time was that hospital is a dangerous place for people, who might end up getting Covid after they’ve taken the test but before the result comes through.”

The YouGov poll of 1,703 people was carried out between June 2-3.

In further support of the Government, a poll of 2,180 adults from Savanta ComRes placed the Tory lead at 42 percent. 

In the poll run between May 28-30, Labour remained 10 points behind at 32. 


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