‘Stressed’ Meghan sets rules for Prince Harry as she fears for their brand

Meghan Markle’s levels of stress are said to be “off the charts” as pressure mounts on the couple’s brand, with the former Suits star reportedly setting rules for Prince Harry to stop things worsening.

Sources close to the couple have warned that their relationship is looking rocky, although some have dismissed the idea that they are headed for divorce.

One source who’s close to the former royal pair told Women’s Day magazine: “No one is surprised to hear the divorce rumours. Harry and Meghan have been having major problems since the coronation, and they’re been fighting over everything.”

The source said Meghan could have “easily” travelled with Harry to Singapore, bringing the children with her, but she stayed stateside.

The Sussexes should be “staying put”, according to the source, to arrest their ailing brand.

Prince Harry will need to ‘ask permission’ to stay in a royal home during next UK visit

Prince Harry will reportedly need to “ask permission” to stay in one of the royal homes during his forthcoming UK visit.

It has been announced that Harry will be in London on September 7 to attend the Wellchild Awards, which he and Meghan Markle attended last year.

The date of the awards falls the day before the first anniversary of the late Queen’s death, and within two days Harry will be travelling to Germany for the start of the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf.

Now, with no official home in the UK, The Telegraph have reported that Harry will need to “ask permission” if he wishes to spend a few nights in a royal home.

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