Student who fled halls in lockdown returns to six months' worth of pigeon poo

A student has returned to his halls of residence to find pigeons have invaded his flat, destroyed most of his belongings, and left behind a chick and some eggs in the kitchen sink.

Oluwageorge Johnson, 20, had to suddenly leave his accommodation at Nottingham Trent University in March as the country went into lockdown.

Some six months later, he received an email from uni staff saying they’d found his flat looking like a scene from a horror movie.

After going to investigate a strange noise, they found pigeon poop all over the place, eggs in the sink and even a little chick.

Oluwageorge, who is studying media and communications, said: ‘I just wish I hadn’t seen it myself. Then I might be able to sleep at night.

‘I wanted to go back to university last week but I’m going to wait a bit now. I’m never leaving a window open again. Everyone’s shook.

‘Coronavirus had been about so my parents turned up out of the blue to take me back home.

‘People were saying that the military had been deployed and my parents are dramatic. I left my window open and I was gone for about five months.

‘I’d left some random stuff behind that I didn’t need like a toaster and clothes that I wouldn’t be wearing over the summer.’

He added: ‘I had an email saying that staff had heard noises coming from my room so went to check and found the mess the pigeons had made.

‘My sneakers were covered in poo and my toaster. I’m just glad I didn’t walk in and find it.

‘That would have been horrible. It’s an opportunity to buy some new clothes but it’s a shame that some of it’s gone.’

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