‘Stunning!’ Kate Middleton and Prince William stun fans at Top Gun premiere – ‘Rocked it!’

Tom Cruise accompanies Will and Kate at Top Gun premiere

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The star-studded event in Leicester Square saw Tom Cruise, 59, once mingle with the royals after attending the Royal Windsor Horse Show, ‘A Gallop Through History’, Platinum Jubilee celebration last Sunday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with cast, crew members, and fans of the Top Gun franchise at the premiere in support of the Film and TV Charity.

Cruise told the PA news agency that he has “a lot in common” with the Duke of Cambridge, saying: “We both love England, and we’re both aviators, we both love flying.”

One fan said that “Tom Cruise looks thrilled to be in their presence! Rightly so!”, as pictures emerged of the actor beaming next to the couple and taking the Duchess by the hand to help her up the stairs.

The royal couple arrived with Prince William wearing a sharp Alexander McQueen tuxedo paired with black suede loafers with an embroidered fighter jet.

The Duchess was “stunning” in an off the shoulder black and white Roland Mouret dress paired with a black clutch bag.

Fans took to social media to express their delight with the pictures that were posted on the couple’s official Instagram page.

User @loveforcambridg commented: “Such a great charity to support. Their Royal Highnesses looked absolutely stunning and super elegant as always.”

Another user added: “Gorgeous, they both rocked it, amazing that Film and TV Charity will benefit so it can continue its work in supporting the film industry.”

The Film and TV Charity offers support to “tens of thousands of people working behind the scenes in the UK’s world-leading film and television industry”, according to the couple’s Instagram post.

More royal fans commented on the couple’s appearance, with many saying the couple looked relaxed and “were finally able to enjoy a date night” with their busy schedules.

Instagram user @pastapizzaplanks said: “You both look incredible! It’s so wonderful of you to support this charity and I hope you enjoy the film!”

Another added: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are both looking super fabulous.”

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The Duke and Duchess noted that it was “wonderful” to join Cruise, the rest of the cast and fans of the much-anticipated film.

The royals spoke to two children at the premiere and revealed that the Cambridge’s children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, are “jealous” that they could not attend the event.

Speaking to Alfie Everett-Fletcher, 9, the Prince said he was a “big fan” of the movie.

Alfie’s mother, Elise Everett, added: “He said they have had the theme tun for the film playing with their kids.”

Speaking to another young fan, the Duchess said that her children “wished they were here tonight, and I said, ‘well, it is a school night’.”

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