Sussexes ‘enjoy attention’ of accusations as it ‘keeps them in papers’

Harry & Meghan: What have we learned from documentary finale?

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “enjoy the attention” they receive after making accusations against the Royal Family, a royal expert believes.

Kinsey Schofield, host of royal podcast To Di For Daily, has claimed “vague accusations” create a “guessing game” which keeps the Sussexes current and in newspaper headlines.

The couple released new Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, earlier this month. It documented their relationship, reasons for stepping back from royal duties and the fallout that ensued with the rest of the Firm.

This week, they also revealed the release of another documentary, Live to Lead. The seven-part docuseries will be available to watch on Netflix from December 31.

Netflix two-parter Harry & Meghan, released on December 8 and December 15, gained 2.5 million viewers on its premiere. It has since logged more than 81 million hours viewing time around the globe.

The couple, as they have done previously, describe their difficulties adapting to royal life before and after their marriage.

Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, which will offer a candid insight into his life growing up in the Royal Family, is set to be released early next year – on January 10.

But Ms Schofield believes the Sussexes will “only go so far” with their revelations about the Firm – just enough to keep the attention on them – and does not expect any bombshell revelations.

She told Fox News: “Don’t expect any big revelations because Harry and Meghan have proven that they will only go so far.

“I would argue that they enjoy the attention that the vague accusations attract.

“The guessing game keeps them in the papers that they tell you they hate.

“But when are we going to stop pretending that Harry and Meghan have been silenced and acknowledge that they have been working hard for years behind the scenes to get their version of events out?”

The couple’s new series has been criticised by some who alleged that it contradicts the couple’s desire for privacy.

However, a spokesperson for Harry and Meghan told The New York Times that the couple’s statement announcing their decision to step back from royal duties mentions nothing of privacy.

Ashley Hansen, the couple’s global press secretary, said their decision to create the series was to share their story on their own terms.

Since the release of the series this month, the couple have faced backlash from some royal commentators for rehashing the same attacks on the Royal Family.

Edward Coram James, a marketing strategist for Go Up, said: “Essentially it’s the same story they’ve been telling for two years and I think that Netflix built it up as though there were going to be some earth-shattering new evidence or revelations and that didn’t happen.

“And I don’t think there’s any more road for them in terms of this particular story.”

Mr James said this could prevent the public from buying the Duke’s new book as fans will likely move on now most of the details have already been shared.

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