Sweet clip of teen released in her memory one year after her murder

Bobbi-Anne McLeod plays with dog Roxy in 2021

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New footage has emerged of a tragic teenager playing with her family friend’s dog – just weeks before she was murdered.

Bobbi-Anne McLeod, 18, has been remembered by her family and friends as a “happy, loving, funny, talented girl” since her killing in November last year. The teenager was taken from a bus stop in Leigham, Plymouth, and her body discovered miles away days later. 

Rock musician Cody Ackland was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years behind bars in May this year.

In the new video, shared online by Bobbi-Anne’s friend Amanda Isaacs, Bobbi-Anne is seen playing on a trampoline with Roxy, Amanda’s dog.

Bobbi-Anne, who is laughing, can be seen chasing Roxy around in a circle attempting to take the dog’s toy bear. Bobbi-Anne then falls, making the person behind the camera burst into laughter.

Speaking to Plymouth Live, Amanda said: “I can’t believe it was a year today you were taken from us. It still feels like yesterday.

“It’s been such a hard year without you. But I’m trying my best to look after your mum, dad and Lee for you.

“This should have never ever in a million years happened to such a beautiful girl like you. This is how I will always remember you the happy loving funny talented girl you were. Miss you always. You keep shining bright.”


Bobbi-Anne’s family, friends and loved ones have paid tribute to the Leigham teenager since her death last year with several candlelit vigils, marches and fundraisers across Plymouth.

Thousands of people also came together on May 26 this year to say goodbye at her funeral – with many lining the Leigham neighbourhood for the “kind, loving, loyal” student.

This weekend, the people of Plymouth will come together again to honour Bobbi-Anne’s life. Elle Butcher, Mel J Sevieri and Charlotte Holloway, who have arranged previous marches for Bobbi-Anne and worked with the VAWG commision, have organised a fresh march in Bobbi-Anne’s memory.

The event will take place in Plymouth city centre at 1pm on Saturday, November 26.

The organisers said: “She will be remembered, and those who honour her memory will make sure of that. She plays a big role in why the women of Plymouth are finally being heard, and are speaking out over what they believe in. So join us, in celebrating her memory a year on.” For more information on the event, click here.

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