‘Taken away’ Red Wall voters blast Tories for booting Boris after ‘he got them elected’

Red Wall voters rage at Boris Johnson ousting

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Furious residents in Bolton pointed out to Tories that Boris Johnson was the “one that got them elected” when they stormed to victory in the 2019 General Election after stealing votes from Labour in the Red Wall. Dave, landlord of The Sportsmans, said it was “disgraceful” and Tory MPs should have stood by the outgoing PM because he is the reason they are in power in the first place.

The Bolton resident said Mr Johnson had been “taken away from us”.

He told Sky News: “I just think it’s disgraceful that the man we voted in, the Conservatives voted in, and the north of England voted in, the Red Wall voted in.. lots of first time voters, lots of people who normally voted Labour and now he’s been taken away from us, whether rightly or wrongly, but the general public haven’t had the chance to have their say and say how they feel.

“We knew what we were getting when we voted Boris, we knew he made silly mistakes and says things he doesn’t mean and has jokes.

“We knew that when we elected him. It’s been taken away from us by a relentless media campaign

“When the MPs started to switch, they all jump on the same ship, they all leave as one. My opinion is that they should have stood by him because he’s the one that got them elected

“Lots of these Conservative MPs with very slight majorities probably won’t get voted in again and I think it’s an own goal.”

His comments come after Mr Johnson announced his resignation on Thursday after he dramatically lost the support of his ministers and most Conservative MPs.

Bowing to the inevitable as more than 50 government ministers and aides quit and ordered him to go, an isolated and powerless Mr Johnson said it was clear his party wanted someone else in charge.

But he took a swipe at Tories for his forced departure describing it as “eccentric” and the result of “herd instinct” in parliament.

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Another resident Mark said: “I think it’s a great shame.

“I think that a person who has such foresight as he had.. to be basically stabbed in the back, I think it’s basically a disgrace.”

Speaking about what she liked about Mr Johnson, Ann said: “He’s young, he’s got foresight, he actually stood for what we believed in and he went at it with force.

“He was a good man, and still is a good man. Yes he’s made mistakes, we all make mistakes, huge mistakes even.

“All this about Partygate and all the rest of it, it’s just nonsense.. all hyped up just to start getting him out and it’s wrong.”

Reacting to the comments by Red Wall voters, Baroness Kate Hoey predicted the turnout to the next election would be “very low” because people would be asking why they should bother voting.

She tweeted: “My prediction is that the turnout at the next General Election will be very low in comparison to 2019.

“People just saying why bother and what is the point if who we voted for can be put out by a media frenzy backed up by MPs who follow the herd.”

Bruges Group predicted “serious difficulties” ahead for the next Tory leader.

The eurosceptic think tank added: “Tired of being ignored by the establishment, Red Wall voters backed a man who listened to their concerns, only to see him ousted.

“The salient words of these Bolton voters forebode serious difficulties for the next Tory leader.”

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