Tanning addict claims he was denied mortgage for using illegal injections

A tanning addict who injects himself with an illegal drug to look like a ‘human solar panel’ claims it is the reason why he’s been refused a mortgage.

Karl Dinis, 37, from Llanishen, Cardiff, featured on Channel 5’s Tantastic: 50 Shades of Orange in 2016 and openly spoke about injecting himself daily to achieve a year-round tan.

The unlicensed drug – which is not approved in the UK because it has not yet been tested for safety – stimulates the production of the tanning pigment melanin.

Mr Dinis, who has widely spoken out about his tanning habits in the media, has been using the Melanotan injections for 10 years but claims they are not having a negative effect on his health.

Since his TV appearance, Mr Dinis has been trying to get onto the property ladder and had set his heart on a house he wanted.

Before applying for a mortgage, Mr Dinis, who works for Cardiff Council and owns a horse transport company, sold his Audi TT and one of his horses to improve his finances.

But Mr Dinis claims the mortgage has been declined because the lender, Kensington Mortgages, has ‘googled him’ and said he doesn’t ‘fit the criteria’.

He said the company could see large transactions on his bank statements revealing how he spends up to £300 every month on the drug.

Mr Dinis said: ‘Yesterday afternoon, my mortgage broker rang me.

‘She said to me: “they have declined the application because they googled you”.

‘Because I am a public figure and because of the tanning injections, they have declined my application.

‘They say I do not fit the criteria.’

Mr Dinis claimed the company wouldn’t specify exactly why he didn’t fit the criteria and thinks it has something to do with his habitual use of Melanotan.

In a statement, Kensington said: ‘Due to client confidentiality and data protection legislation, we are unable to share any information in relation to the application.

‘We would never reject an application on the basis of a Google search, we factor in a number of components that determine an individual’s eligibility.’

Mr Dinis said he’s furious he’s been rejected and had been ready to move in.

‘We didn’t tell them about the injections because we didn’t have to as far as we were aware – primarily it’s fake tan,’ he said.

‘I am absolutely fuming – I thought I was going to be moving in the house in the next month.

‘Everything was in place for me to move in, I was just waiting to sign the paperwork.’

Mr Dinis was hoping to buy a three-bedroom house in Machen, south Wales, for £80,000 and over the last two years he had been sorting his credit history and paying off debts to buy a house.

‘The main reason I got rid of the Audi was to buy this house,’ Mr Dinis continued. ‘I had three horses and I sold one, Duke, for £3,000 to go towards my deposit.

‘I am furious. I have got rid of things to accommodate for this house and mortgage and now at the last minute they tell me they are not giving me a mortgage.

‘It is terrible – I am still in the same position but without some things that meant a lot to me.’

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