Teenager rushed to hospital after shoving USB cable in his penis

A sexual experiment gone wrong landed a teenager in hospital needing complicated surgery to extract a knotted USB cable from his penis.

When his mum was out of the room, the boy, whose name was not revealed, confessed to doctors that he inserted the cable to ‘measure the length of his penis’ out of ‘sexual curiosity’.

But instead of using a ruler, he inserted the already-knotted cable, which got stuck, with both ends left hanging out of his member.

The 15-year-old, from London, made several attempts to remove it himself but this resulted in him urinating a large amount of blood.

He was rushed to A&E where staff also tried – but failed – to pull out the cable using special tools due to the position of the knot, doctors detailed in the journal Urology Case Reports.  

In an effort to remove the cable, surgeons cut lengthways into his bulbospongiosus muscle, an area between the genitals and the anus. 

Medics from University College Hospital London managed to extract the knot through the incision and then cut it free from the rest of the cable.

Once the knot was removed, the remaining two pieces of the cable were pulled out the opening of his penis. 

There were no complications in his recovery and he was discharged from hospital the next day.

Although cases of ‘sounding’ – the dangerous sex practice becoming popular with men, where they insert objects into their penises – are rare, it can have a number of side effects and can permanently damage their member.

Metro.co.uk has reported on two cases in the last few years – one of a ‘curious’ 13-year-old boy and another of a ‘regretful’ man, both of whom lived in China and used a USB cable.

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