Teens killed four swans with catapults during attack on rescue sanctuary

Four swans belonging to the King were killed after a pair of teenagers attacked a rescue sanctuary.

Two other swans were left with ‘life-changing’ injuries, and dozens more were seriously hurt at Swan Support sanctuary in Berkshire.

Magistrates at Maidenhead Youth Court heard the ‘utterly evil’ duo broke in to torture the animals in July last year.

The teenagers used catapults to fire pellets and grievously injure the swans.

They were only caught when Wendy Hermon, 52, who runs the sanctuary, went to check if her CCTV was working.

She said: ‘I was physically sick. These two boys had catapults and were picking up stones and firing them into swans that were already injured as they cowered at the back of their compound.

‘They were unable to fly because of their injuries and were just barbaric target practice for these sick individuals, who were cheering each hit and goading each other on.

‘I raced down there and cried my eyes out at what I saw. It should be a place of safety for injured animals.’

Wendy said blood was everywhere, adding: ‘Two of my swans were dead and covered in blood as were two cygnets and two had suffered life changing injuries and many others had been hit and were bleeding,’ she explained.

‘We have put in more cameras and have a big German shepherd dog there now that is very swan friendly and if they come back they will get a taste of their own medicine.’

One 13-year-old boy was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to protected animals.

But Wendy is not happy with the ‘light’ sentence.

She said: ‘History shows that kids who grow up torturing animals go on to much more vile offences.

‘I am disgusted and just wish the magistrate had allowed me to have a big bag of stones and put the pair of them in a rescue pen and have 20 minutes with them with a catapult.

‘He should have been put behind bars because he is a cruel sadistic little b****** and he would not even tell the police who was with him which shows his mind process.’

He received a six-month referral order to a youth offending team.

The Crown owns all unmarked mute swans found on open water in the UK and the Swan Upping Ceremony is the annual ‘stock take’ of the swans along the River Thames.

Wendy’s charity is asking for donations to help them continue their rescue work.

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