Telecoms worker bags bargains at Poundland then makes £500k in sales

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A man has carved out a half a million pound-a-year business by scouring bargain high street stores like Poundland and “product flipping” what he buys.

Zain Shah, originally from Pakistan, goes trawling through Argos and charity shops having realised he can resell plenty of items at a mark up.

His business was spawned after a customer requested a specific set of earphones that had a particular zip.

Rather than buying one product, he opted to purchase 20 and quickly realised he could make a five-fold profit by advertising them for £9.99 rather than the £2 he paid for them.

After making more purchases and raising his prices, he generated enough revenue to jump-start his own business and last year made a handsome profit.

Ten years previously, the Mirror reported, he was working for a telecoms company earning £7 an hour. He believes people won’t be successful without throwing caution to the wind.

He told Fabulous magazine: ”People might wonder why those people can’t go straight to Poundland”.

”If somebody is living in a countryside, they don’t have Poundland close to them. So people buy those items online.

He continued: “The rule of business is if you’re not willing to take a risk you will always be working for someone who is willing to take a risk.”

Not satisfied with simply turning profits, he’s also begun making videos and posting them on his own YouTube channel.

He posts videos with helpful pointers based on his business experience.

In 2022, Zain revealed how one eBayer had made more than £500 in the space of a week by selling on Poundland hanging baskets.

Zain says: “That person has sold 86 of them within one week, he managed to make £513.42 profit, which is a very, very decent profit.”

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