Tenant left 8,000 beer cans in flat then texted 'might have left a bit of mess'

A tenant didn’t pay any rent for a year, then trashed the flat with beer cans and rotting food before texting to say he had ‘left a bit of a mess.’

The toilet in the two bed flat in Andover, Hampshire, had ‘never been flushed’ with toilet paper and human poo instead left in a four foot pile on the bathroom floor.

A sea of cans covered all available surfaces while there were half-eaten kebabs and mouldy loaves of bread stinking out the kitchen.

Waste expert Freddie Gillium-Webb, who was tasked with cleaning up the rubbish left behind by the nightmare tenant, said he had to use 10 bottles of bleach to get it anywhere near back to normal.

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He was called in by the landlord once the occupant finally left the flat after a year of not paying rent.

Freddie, 29, has a strong stomach after years of working with sewage, but said the rotten waste and overall stench of the flat was enough to make him throw up three times during the 30 hour clean-up.

He said: ‘As soon as I walked through the door there were beer cans everywhere and the smell was terrible.

‘He clearly didn’t use the bin at all because the kitchen was full of food waste and in the living room there were half eaten kebabs and mouldy loaves of bread all over the floor.

‘Upstairs there were bin bags full of cigarette ends and you couldn’t see the floor because there were that many beer cans – I think I removed about 8,000 in total.

‘The toilet was piled high with toilet paper and faeces, it was disgusting. He’d never flushed it by the looks of it.

‘The clean-up was just never ending. After the first day it didn’t even look like I’d made a difference.’

Freddie even had to use a digger to crush the mess in order to get it to fit inside a giant skip he’d hired.

The flat’s landlord, a property developer in the area, lost more than £12,000 in damages and unpaid rent.

He’d started an eviction process and the tenant decided to leave on his own accord. On his departure he sent an understated text saying he ‘might have left a bit of a mess’.

Freddie said: ‘It had to have been like that for a while because it was really bad. He was just living in it and topping up the mess.

‘The landlord had a skip at one of his building sites so most of the rubbish went there and he used a digger to squash it down to fit it all in.

‘I think I went through about 100 big bags and ten bottles of bleach. Because I work in wastewater I don’t heave or throw up very easily but cleaning that mess up I must have gagged about 20 times and was sick three times.’

Freddie was able to fix the issue with the toilet’s flush quickly and predicted that the tenant had not wanted to report it because it may have revealed his living habbits.

He added: ‘You’d think renting through an estate agent would be fail safe because they have guarantors so I can’t see how it’s been allowed to happen.

‘It just shouldn’t be able to happen and tenants like that should be blacklisted from renting again because otherwise it could just happen again and again to more landlords.

‘The tenant might have had depression and he probably had a drinking problem based on the amount of cans – you need help sometimes but you can’t live like that, there’s no excuse for it to get that bad.’

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