Thai man claims ChatGPT helped him win the lottery

A man from Thailand claims that ChatGPT generated the winning numbers of the lottery for him.

Sharing his story on TikTok, Patthawikorn Boonrin, said that he used the AI chatbot to generate numbers that he would use to play the lottery and eventually won.

He did this by asking the chatbot some hypothetical questions as well as feeding it previous winning numbers, according to Mashable.

ChatGPT gave Boonrin the winning sequence 57, 27, 29, and 99, helping him win 2,000 Thai Baht (£46).

Boonrin told a local publication that he had used this strategy to generate lottery numbers in the past.

He added that ChatGPT had warned him not to get ‘too obsessed’ with the method, noting that winning the lottery was a matter of luck, suggesting that he should go out and get some exercise.

While the winnings were not a huge sum, it raises the question of using AI to make easy money.

People have already used ChatGPT to successfully get out of paying fines and parking tickets.

The incident has added to the debate around the ethics of using AI to accomplish things that would otherwise involve skill or luck.

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