Thank goodness Trump’s gone! Queen ‘personally relieved’ by Joe Biden’s election win

Joe Biden arrives at the White House with Dr Jill Biden

Richard Fitzwilliams said while the monarch is meticulously impartial when it comes to all things political, privately she is likely to be relieved at the prospect of dealing with a rather more conventional leader than Donald Trump. Her Majesty sent a private message to Mr Biden congratulating him on the day he was sworn in as the country’s new leader during a scaled-back ceremony in Washington yesterday.

Mr Fitzwilliams, who was the former editor of International Who’s Who and knows more about the Queen’s extensive dealings with foreign leaders than most, is in no doubt her lifetime of experience will be invaluable in the weeks, months and years to come.

And he predicted when the two meet, she will charm the 78-year-old just as she did with his predecessor Donald Trump.

Mr Fitzwilliams told “The personal message of good wishes that the Queen sent to President Biden before his inauguration, underlines the closeness between the United States, the world’s most powerful superpower and Britain, its traditional transatlantic partner.

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“It has been reported that President Biden will visit Britain during his first trip abroad, when he may meet the Queen, though this will depend on the pandemic restrictions.”

Mr Fitzwilliams said: “She has met all American Presidents who have taken office during her reign, save for Lyndon Johnson.

“She was especially friendly with Ronald Reagan, and this was highly significant during the climactic period of the Cold War.”

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Given Donald Trump’s notorious unpredictability and the atrocious storming of the Capitol by a mob incited by him, she is likely to be personally relieved

Richard Fitzwilliams

Mr Fitzwilliams stressed: “The Queen is above politics and has always taken enormous care to extend a warm welcome to visiting heads of state.”

Nevertheless, he added: “Given Donald Trump’s notorious unpredictability and the atrocious storming of the Capitol by a mob incited by him, she is likely to be personally relieved by Biden’s election victory and also by the subsequent, dignified swearing-in at the beautifully choreographed ceremony.

“As the world’s most experienced head of state, she will undoubtedly appreciate the importance of America having a President with so much experience, especially during the unprecedented crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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It was also likely that the Queen would spot the obvious similarities between herself and the veteran US politician, Mr Fitzwilliams suggested.

He said: “Biden, who has known so much personal tragedy, is deeply devout as is the Queen.

“Both are also examples of how persons of advanced age can continue to serve their countries at the highest level.

“They will undoubtedly have a lot in common.

“We know that Biden, who is of Irish ancestry, was strongly opposed to Brexit, but he will undoubtedly appreciate the ‘special relationship’ with Britain, especially in areas such as defence and climate change.

“The Queen is a very special part of this closeness between two nations who are an ocean apart, but who also share so much that is fundamental.”

Speaking yesterday, Buckingham Palace confirmed Her Majesty had been in touch with Mr Biden.

A spokesman said: “Her Majesty sent a private message to President Biden ahead of the inauguration.”

Mr Trump was a big fan of the Queen, describing himself as a “great friend and admirer”, having likely been influenced by his mother, who moved to the US from Scotland as a young woman.

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