The Crown accused of ‘distasteful’ display of Princess Diana’s death

Prince William won't be happy with Netflix's The Crown says expert

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A group of panelists have accused the makers of The Crown of displaying the death of Princess Diana in a “distasteful” way, a news report has claimed. The panelists at Loose Women claimed that the popular series display bad memories “for the sake of drama”.

Speaking on Loose Women yesterday, the two panelists Christine Lampard and Brenda Edwards slammed the Netflix drama’s latest series.

The two panelists said that while they “quite enjoyed” the first seasons, watching the newest storylines feels “in bad taste”.

The much popular Netflix series is based on the life of the Royal Family. While it tries to depict the true events of the Royal Family members, some parts of the show are fictional too.

Ms Lampard, 43, said: “We all know the story but there are still living family members who we see on our TV screens every day who have just lived through a death in their family in recent times.”

She admitted her discomfort at having seen snippets for the sixth series, understood to be under filming now.

She added: “I don’t want to watch it.”

She stressed and asked if “all those memories” about Diana’s tragic death really need to be brought up for her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, “just for the sake of drama and entertainment”.

The sixth season of the show will be aired two months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

However, the host admitted that while she is able to watch historical shows of a sensitive nature – citing The Looming Tower, which focuses on the horrific events of 9/11 as a recent watch – she feels The Crown is being seen as a ‘proper historic document’ by many.

Ms Brenda, 53, agreed, saying while she initially enjoyed the show and even saw it as informative, it now feels “in bad taste”.

She added: “We all know what happened, we don’t need to revisit that”.

The fifth series will span the 1990s, including events from 1992, the late monarch’s annus horribilis – horrible year – during which Prince Andrew and Prince Charles separated from their wives, Princess Royal divorced her husband Mark Phillips, and part of Windsor Castle burnt down.

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It will begin with Sir John Major as Prime Minister and conclude with the arrival of Tony Blair. During this time, Prince Charles admitted to Jonathan Dimbleby that he committed adultery with the then Camilla Parker Bowles.

It also saw Princess Diana interviewed by Martin Bashir for Panorama in an interview that has had years of repercussions.

According to the reports, the death of Princess Diana – which took place in 1997 – will not be covered until the sixth and final series.

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