The member of the royal family who is ‘stepping up’ as Meghan and Harry ‘hunkering down’

During the ROYALS podcast, Angela Mollard and Zoe Burrell discussed Meghan and Harry hunkering down in America during the coronavirus pandemic. Ms Mollard then praised Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall for stepping up during the last few weeks. The royal expert stated Camilla gets no attention compared to other members in the Royal Family.    

Ms Mollard said regarding Harry and Meghan: “I think in terms of them getting back to work they are just hunkering down and enjoying time with their son.

“If you think about it they have been doing that since the last three months of last year so great for them as they don’t have to work.

“I imagine knowing the nature of them, they are ambitious people, they will be feeling somewhat constrained.”

Ms Burrell replied: “Yes exactly and while they are taking that time out and not really working we know that there is a member of the royal family who is really stepping up at this time.”

Ms Mollard said: “I love that we are about to talk about a member of the royal family that basically gets no attention because she has been much criticised in the past, this is Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall.

“My thoughts around her have grown and grown over the last few weeks.”

Last month royal biographer Angela Levin told BBC News that the United Kingdom was too small for the Duchess of Sussex and that she missed the celebrity scene of California.

Ms Levin also stated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have only tried to live in Canada before their move to America because of Canada’s status as a commonwealth country. 

Ms Levin said: “Meghan didn’t like the UK.

“It was too small for her.

“She hated restrictions that she couldn’t do exactly what she wanted when she wanted.

“She missed the whole celebrity sort of scene.

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“So, she has swapped royal attention for celebrity attention.

“That pleases her much more.

“Some people feel though that they went to Canada to try life in the commonwealth.

“It didn’t work for Meghan, so they have gone where her mother is, that is a very good reason for moving.”

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