The model so attractive one fan signed off his life insurance policy over to her

A model has thousands of crazed fans who will do literally anything for her, even without her asking.

Mercedes Valentine, a 22-year-old from Sussex, says one admirer has even signed his life insurance policy over to her while others have tribute tattoos and have given over financial assets.

The neuroscience student has an immense internet following big enough to fill up Wembley Stadium more than twice over.

She is just one of roughly 10 million women using the platform OnlyFans to harvest heaps of money in exchange for offering “exclusive” content.

On her page, Mercedes also has links to “wishlists” – web pages containing long lists of items for people to buy for her.

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One of the lists includes over 60 items ranging from a luxury Prada beanie hat costing $396, to an Xbox video game controller costing $192.

She told Fabulous: “I have this one slave’s life insurance, it has been signed over to me.

“He divorced his wife for me, had tattoos of me, even one on his ring finger.”

She added: “I didn’t ask him to do any of this…

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“They want to dedicate themselves to me so much and it’s nice.”

Mercedes has 208,000 followers on Instagram and on her OnlyFans page she charges 14 dollars a month for her exclusive content.

Not everyone pays Mercedes in cash and gifts though. Many of her fans show their love by commenting and liking her online photos.

A bikini picture taken off the coast of Italy gained over 5,000 likes with one commenter swooning: “Omg you’re stunning.”

Another said: “Looking gorgeous in your nice bikini – and love the view.”

The social media sensation added: “It’s nice that people believe in you. But people don’t see that I’m a normal person.”

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