‘The Peak District is for everyone’ Fury as locals slam daytrippers for overcrowding area

Storm Arwen: Peak District hit with layer of snow and high winds

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A hikers group posted comments made by Facebook users about the hiking in the area. Muslim Hikers took to Twitter to share some of these comments made. They tweeted: “’Proper Walker’”!? Just some of nasty comments received after images of our Xmas Day hike were shared on a Facebook group called ‘Derbyshire & Peak District Walks’.”

One comment from Colin Rick said: “PATHETIC go back to what you did before the pandemic and leave this place alone for the proper walkers.”

Mark Gregg wrote: “Hooligans destroying the fragile moors for your own gratification.”

Lyndsay Morrell wrote: “Wow, it is like the migration of wildebeests in the Serengeti, they just keep coming.”

But Muslim Hikers defended the walks which take place in this area.

They tweeted: “We had over 130 people sign up for our Mam Tor hike on Xmas day. It was such a success!

“It’s horrible seeing comments like this, but it only gives us further justification and motivation to continue our work.

“It’s the reason why we set up #MuslimHikers #DiversityOutdoors.”

They added: “We know it’s only a small minority of people who think this way but we’ve seen plenty comments highlighting the problems within our community that exist.

“To everyone who has supported us so far. Thank you.”

Twitter users were quick to jump to the defence of the hikers – saying they should continue visiting the area, despite the angry locals.

Robert Largan, MP for High Peak, supported the hikers visiting the area.

Mr Largan tweeted: “The Peak District is for everyone.”

Mohammed Hussain wrote: “Wow. So much bigotry.

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“We need to get even more bame people out into the countryside.”

Ben Vickery replied: “I am the DofE leader at a girls grammar school in north Kent.

“With about 2/3 of the cohort coming from ethnic minorities and over 80% signing up for the award, many of the students have never camped or even walked in the countryside.

“I’m doing my bit to share something I love.”

Emma Williams tweeted: “Walking is about EVERYONE enjoying the great outdoors.

“It is brilliant for people to connect with nature and others and helps with your mental wellbeing.

“Just keep on doing what you are doing and ignore the unkind unhelpful comments. #walkingforall”

Martin Berry tweeted: “Ignore these haters, they do not speak for the majority.

“The irony as well considering the Peak District is where the right to walk and roam began and was the first national park.

“Anyone can walk any day anywhere, Mam Tor in the summer is 10 x busier, do they complain then?”

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