The Queen faces Jubilee backlash from Commonwealth nations

Tube strike on Jubilee is 'cheap and cynical' says Robert Neill

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Speaking to The Times, Peter Espeut, columnist for the Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner said: “For Victoria’s golden jubilee, and for her 60th, there was a lot of fanfare.” He added that for the current jubilee, in Jamaica “there’s nothing” in the way of events. He said: “Nothing from the governor-general, who is the Queen’s representative.”

There is “a vague sentiment now towards republicanism” in Jamaica.

However, he added that “as long as Elizabeth is on the throne everything will be fine but once she dies, if Charles ascends the throne, that’s where the antipathy will increase because Charles is quite a character.”

Also, Antiguan playwright Dorbrene O’Marde, who chairs the country’s reparations commission, regards the monarchy as “an archaic institution that offers us nothing but a continued triumph of colonialism”.

He said: “I do not glean any enthusiasm for the celebrations.”

Minister in the Belize government Henry Charles Usher said that although, “there is still an affection for the royal family” the government would not be holding any events to mark the jubilee.

He is overseeing a commission that will ask Belizeans how they feel “about becoming a republic, about removing the sovereign as head of state”.

He said: “Some difficult choices have to be made.”

However, there is enthusiasm for the Queen and the monarchy in Canada.

Speaking to The Times, Robert Finch, head of the Monarchist League of Canada, said that many Canadians have asked for one of his organisation’s Canadian Platinum Jubilee emblems.

He said: “We have been absolutely taken aback and overwhelmed with requests for these things.

“We have handed out tens of thousands of them.

“We have run out.

“We are scrambling.

“Every day you open your email and a whole slew of requests come in.


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“I wake up and I go to bed thinking of pins.”

He added that in Canada, “the Queen is absolutely admired here”.

He said: “Even republicans would probably say they like her.

“We have just emerged from two years of dismal and depressing lockdowns, and now we face a world of economic and geopolitical challenges.

“If there is a way to celebrate, let’s do it.”

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