The UK’s friendliest town where it’s so safe people leave their doors unlocked

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Imagine leaving your front door unlocked, all the things you’ve bought over the years easy pickings for a chancer walking by.

While the UK is one of the safest countries in the world to live in, crime still happens across the country.

Between March 2022 and March 2023, around 75,265 robberies were reported.

Many people would view locking their doors and their cars, and keeping their belongings in safe places as second nature.

But for the people of Kirkwall, on Orkney, it doesn’t even cross their minds.

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The archipelago just off the Scottish mainland was this year awarded the title of the UK’s most welcoming town in Britain.

In a vast study carried out by, factors like the highest number of positively reviewed properties in relation to their size were taken into account to find what parts of Britain are the safest.

Testimonies from those living in Orkney’s largest town attest to just how safe and secure it really is.

One taxi driver recalled leaving his wallet, phone and car keys on the passenger seat of his unlocked car in Kirkwall for four days, and nobody touched them.

On a separate occasion, he said he’d dropped £850 cash at Kirkwall Airport and a stranger handed it in at the information desk for him to collect.

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Brian Alexander, a local tour guide, told the MailOnline that Kirkwall’s 8,500 residents are “reasonably hospitable”.

It gets its name from the Norse “Kirkjuvagr” which translates to “Church on the bay”.

Not only is Kirkwall Britain’s most welcoming town: it also boasts one of Scotland’s most beautiful high streets, winning an award for that title in 2019.

Visitors can indulge in the town’s Viking history, and stop off at any number of its hotels, restaurants and cafes, as well as indulge in its picturesque beaches in the summer months.

One of Orkney’s most iconic buildings is located in Kirkwall: the St Magnus Cathedral, a Romanesque cathedral which doubles up as Britain’s most northernly such place of worship.

A key attraction, in 2019 alone, St Magnus Cathedral saw 200,000 visitors pass through its doors.

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