‘There’s going to be a big crisis’ Third of Brits warned of fuel poverty this winter

Fuel poverty could hit a third of households warns Anthony Pygram

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Mr Pygram warned that a third of British households could face fuel poverty this winter. The British fuel advisor went on to explain that the Government needed to offer more funds to those most vulnerable in the UK. Mr Pygram claimed that there needed to a be fuel poverty plan implemented by the Government like there was with the NHS for covid. The cost of living crisis is expected to worsen in only a matter of weeks, and many experts have been pushing for the Government to act now in order to quell the looming threat.

Mr Pygram told LBC: “There is going to be a big crisis this winter because simply prices are incredibly high.

“And there were loads of people in fuel poverty last winter, so it could be as many as a third of households in fuel poverty this winter unless action is taken.

“Now the energy bill support scheme that was forward a couple of months ago was a really helpful start, but that was based on an expectation of a price cut far lower than it’s going to be, so this extra work is needed.

“What our community thinks is really needed, is really three things, first of all, there needs to be a fuel poverty winter plan.

 “Like the NHS with covid, actually actively monitoring what is happening on the ground and being responsive.

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Mr Pygram added: “Secondly it’s about money, the support schemes that have already been announced are really helpful, they’re the biggest ever but they’re nowhere near enough.

“The Government needs to ensure that enough cash support reaches people in good time.

“Making sure that cash support is needed under other options and measures available to reduce the pressure on households.

“But thirdly actually when you’ve done that, take every step possible to prevent people from turning off their heating.

“Because if they do turn off their heating the chances are, there will be far higher levels of respiratory illness which will just put even more pressure on the already stretched NHS.”

Liz Truss grilled on cost of living crisis plans by Leigh voter

Many Britons are bracing for a tough winter, as prices to energy bills are expected to reach £4,200.

The Government have been urged to do more to help citizens as many feel they need to implement more cash support schemes.

MPs from both sides of the political spectrum have been offering their advice on how best to tackle the incoming crisis.

Leadership candidate Liz Truss has laid out what she would do as Prime Minister in order to sort out the energy crisis.

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Ms Truss told the Daily Express: “I understand that people are concerned about the rising energy costs. As Prime Minister, I will do all I can to help households with energy costs over the winter.

“I’d introduce a one-year moratorium on the green energy levy to bring down bills immediately.

“I have a plan to make sure we increase supply and strengthen energy security and resilience.

“This means looking at resources in the North Sea, doing more with nuclear and exploring opportunities to frack were supported by the community.”

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