These are the best e-bikes for cycling around easily and sustainably

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If you love cycling but shirk at the idea of all that manual effort, and huffing and puffing away in the winter cold, then an e-bike could be the perfect way to resolve your dilemma.

Design to keep you exercised but to avoid wiping you out, e-bikes are reaching new levels of ergonomic and aesthetic design. They also perform better than ever, delivering maximum output with minimal effort.

They’re a perfect means by which to stay active as the nights draw in and temperatures lower. And we’ve collated the best of them here!

Best for commuting: Gocycle G4

The Gocycle G4 is designed with portability in mind, often being referred to as the ‘Brompton of electric bikes’ because of how well suited it is to commuting.

It folds into a similar compact shape, which is no mean feat when you factor in its battery and corresponding electrics. It also weighs less than its rivals. We wouldn’t call it lightweight (at 17.6kg) but its smaller size makes this weight easier to carry.
It has a three-speed grip shifter and is nippy off the blocks.

The furthest we got on a single charge was an impressive 36 miles and despite
its folding parts, the bike is sturdy and comfortable to ride.

Buy it for £3,299 from Gocycle.

Best for beginners: VanMoof S5

The VanMoof S5 is the largest, heaviest and least stylish of the e-bikes we’ve tested but it’s also the most comfortable and gives the smoothest ride thanks to its smart gear shifter.

A display built into the handlebars provide key, at-a-glance information about speed and battery levels, while a removable mount lets you track your ride via your phone. The battery is fixed, which can make charging tricky at times, but on the plus side, all the wiring is self-contained and protected from the elements.

We’re big fans of turbo boost, which gives extra acceleration when needed, and the wide range of anti-theft features that offer extra peace of mind.

Buy it for £2,999 from VanMoof.

Best for design: Cowboy 4

Cowboy’s fourth-generation e-bike combines style and substance. Not only does it combine a sturdy and robust feel with a sleek and elegant look, its removable battery camouflaged within the frame means it barely looks like an e-bike at all.

Its quick-start makes the Cowboy 4 the fastest e-bike we’ve tested at pulling away at traffic lights and similar – good for city dwellers. The 43-mile range we experienced makes it equally good for longer, rural adventures.

There is only one level of assist – it’s either on or it’s not – which is limiting, but the superb app features and controls, and built-in cockpit dock for your phone, make up for this somewhat.

Buy it for £2,490 from Cowboy.

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