‘They are heroes!’ Vine guest praises Extinction Rebellion for holding up traffic

Climate change protesters are 'absolute heroes' says Smurthwaite

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Ms Smurthwaite was questioned by Storm Huntley about her thoughts on the climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion. The activism group is one of three that has been wreaking havoc on UK motorways, roads and public spaces, to drum up attention for their cause. Ms Smurthwaite praised the group and claimed that they were heroes and that they were protesting to save millions of lives. The political commentator then discussed the activists explaining that the disruption they cause was the only way to draw media attention to themselves, to get in the newspapers.

Ms Huntley said: “So overall Kate, heroes or villains?”

Ms Smurthwaite added: “I think they’re absolutely heroes Storm.

“The thing is it would be lovely if we could get the changes that we need by some other method, and if there are people who think there is another way to get the change that we absolutely must have, in terms of the action we take towards the climate.

“Then I welcome those people, as long as they’re doing it.

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Ms Smurthwaite said: “You can’t just sit there and go well I don’t approve of this kind of protest, it’s the wrong kind of protest.

“Unless you’re doing the thing that you think will work.

“The fact is that millions of lives are going to be lost around the world unless we take the very narrow window, we’re running out of time, to take the dramatic action that we absolutely need to take.

“To save millions of lives around the world and in fact to save the planet itself… And I understand that people feel disrupted.

“We saw the protestors themselves holding up signs saying we’re really sorry about this, we’re sorry about the disruption but it’s the only way we get our story into the newspapers, it’s the only way the media cover us.”

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Groups like Insulate Britain and Just Stop Oil have all been linked together, due to all three groups sharing the same aims, and for using the same disruptive protest tactics.

“As petrol pumps around the country begin to run dry, the government has a choice: continue destroying life on Earth by doubling down on oil and gas and supporting corporate interest over people’s lives, or honour the UK’s Paris commitments and change course.

“In short, put an end to all new fossil fuel investments immediately.”

Earlier this week the Labour Party called for a ban to be implemented immediately,  to block the sister group of Extinction Rebellion,  Just Stop Oil. from protesting

The group has garnered much attention due to their notoriously dangerous protesting tactics.

Labour tweeted: “Motorists were already being hammered by prices at the pump, and now millions can’t even access fuel.

“The Government must immediately impose injunctions to put a stop to this disruption.”

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