They are not stupid! Kate and Meghan to ‘put up good show’ as Duchesses ‘aware of optics’

Queen has ‘soft spot’ for Prince Harry says Morton

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An interview between the Duke of Sussex and US journalist Hoda Kotb, in which he did not answer a question asking whether he was missing his father and brother, led to speculation the relationship between Harry and William is yet to be healed. As a consequence, many will be interested in seeing how the pair will behave when they come together once again within just days during events scheduled to celebrate the Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee. 

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But royal author Andrew Morton believes what could give away the state of the bond between William and Harry is their wives’ body language.

The author of the new biography The Queen told “The interesting body language is going to be between Catherine and Meghan.

“If they seem to be friendly, then that may transpose itself to the two brothers.”

The Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex are to meet this week face-to-face for the first time since March 2020, when they attended the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey alongside other key members of the Firm.

The event publicly reuniting the Sussexes with the rest of the Royal Family is highly believed to be another service, this time held at St Paul’s Cathedral on June 3 to honour the Queen’s life and reign.

While he believes their body language during public appearances may give away some suggestions on the brotherly bond, Mr Morton added both the Sussexes and the Cambridges will be hugely aware they are coming together to celebrate the Queen and won’t do anything to steal her thunder.

He said: “Nobody is stupid in this, they are all very aware of the optics, they will make sure the optics are either neutral or positive, so they do not take away from the Queen.

“This is not about Harry and William, it is not about Meghan and Catherine – it is about the Queen, and they are very well aware of it, just as they were absolutely aware of it at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.

“I think they will put up a good show.”

Mr Morton referred to the funeral of Prince Philip in April last year.

Prince Harry travelled back to the UK for the solemn occasion without his wife as she was heavily pregnant with Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana.

Following the service, while the royals in attendance walked their way back from St George’s Chapel to Windsor Castle, the ice between the Duke and the Cambridges appeared to be thawed as Kate moved close to Harry and exchanged a few words with him.

Kate then seemingly drew into the conversation her husband, only to leave the brothers to chat alone within a few seconds.

The funeral took place only a few weeks after the broadcast of Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, which included damaging claims and allegations against the Firm.

Prince Harry returned to Britain on another occasion in 2021, to unveil the statue of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace he had commissioned with his brother in 2017.

During this journey to the UK, Meghan and Harry will be in the company of their son Archie Harrison and daughter Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana.

This will give the chance to the Queen and other royals to be reunited with Archie, three, and meet for the first time in person Lili.

The daughter of Meghan and Harry is also to mark a key personal milestone in the midst of the Platinum Jubilee, as she is turning one on June 4.

Mr Morton claimed a family birthday gathering in honour of little Lili could provide a chance to bridge the gap between Harry and William.

He said: “I think the big family event is going to be Lilibet’s first birthday party.

“That would be a time for a family chit chat and, maybe, some bridges may be mended at that party.”

However, Kate and William have been tasked to visit Wales to mark the Jubilee on the day of Lili’s birthday, which may make it impossible for them to attend a private gathering hosted by the Sussexes.

On the other hand, the Queen could be at this joyful reunion as she is reportedly not heading to Surrey to watch the Epsom Derby races in person.

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