‘They’ve been contributing for years!’ Vine guest erupts as he demands pension raised now

Pensions: Anisiobi slams government for treatment of pensioners

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Broadcaster, Mr Anisiobi sat down with presenter Storm Huntley and others during a guest panel discussing the Government treatment of UK pensioners. UK pensioners are currently facing financial struggle as reports show Pensioners are 13,000 worse off due to economic inflation. Mr Anisiobi claimed it was horrendous that the Government had left Britons in this financial state, and blamed them completely for the struggle pensioners were now facing. The broadcaster explained how pensioners had been contributing to Britain for years, and how unfair it was that there was no money for them now, but there was for things like track and trace.

Ms Huntley said: “You’re hearing these calls JJ, do you not start to think this is a big problem when you start to hear people who have been working before I was even born are not able to go to the dentist to get their teeth checked.

Mr Anisiobi told Jeremy Vine on 5: “Yeah it’s horrendous! And that’s the state our Government has left us in.

“They’re completely the ones to blame for this, completely.

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Mr Ansisobi: “And I know there’s not many everywhere but as I said earlier they find the money when they want to.

“So for track and trace it was there, but for the pensioners the people who have been contributing to this country for years, there’s no cash for them.

“Absolutely ridiculous!”

Mr Ansisobi is not alone when it comes to the outrage expressed about how pensioners in the UK are currently being treated.

Some of the most vulnerable in society are now having to face extreme poverty.

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Head of Pensions and Savings at interactive investor, Becky O’Connor said:

“Hundreds of thousands of newly retired people every year must try to predict what they are likely to spend when they retire. 

“As many will choose income drawdown over an annuity, second guessing what they are likely to need to spend on is almost a full-time occupation.

“There’s a risk people assume they won’t spend as much as they enter their seventies and eighties, which turns out to be false.”

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Ms O’Connor added: “If people end up spending more than they expected as they age.

“There is a chance they could exhaust their pension pots too soon.

“These findings suggest that people should err on the side of caution and plan as though they will always need the same amount of income each year.

“Rather than that spending will go down dramatically, taking into account rises in the state pension they will receive over time.”

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